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Navi-GATE Your Life

This was SO me. (The BABY, not the gate keeper...) I am SO THANKFUL, that in the midst of so much "safety" that I learned how to easily navigate all those "gates." As a result, I now easily solve problems and cope with change; and readily think "outside the box." I don't freak out when things don't go my way, or when I see a closed gate. I deal with it, in spite of it, or figure my way out of it or through it, or USE it to my advantage. But, I don't sit, and cry at the gate, or give up because the gate is there. Remember, those gates and fences aren't just there to keep bad things out. They also keep YOU IN.  Is IN really where you want to stay? Stop coddling yourself, and others. It's time to grow up and stretch! The biggest barrier between you and your ideal life isn't a person, situation, political party or world affair. The biggest thing between you and what you want is that giant gate right between your EARS. Use your brain! Break free! ~ Dawn Read 

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