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MEN: YOU WANT AMAZING? STOP HIDING BEHIND EXCUSES, and THE ELECTRONIC VEIL. Anyone can sit behind pokes and likes and texts and instant messages. Everyone does it. Is THAT your excuse? Are you really like everyone else? Do you want to be like everyone else? Do you want the same kind of woman and the same relationship everyone else around you has? Or do you finally want MORE? You know what changed everything for me? After only a few online messages back and forth, a man I'd never met asked me if I had time to talk on the phone. I said, “I only have seven minutes before my next client.” The phone rang immediately. One 7-minute phone call changed everything. Seven minutes of spirited, meaning-full conversation started the ball rolling. And he KEPT taking decisive action. He KEPT making the moves, making things happen. He KEPT being clear about what he wanted, what he expected and what he was going to do, and he KEPT following through and DOING those things. And I kept responding. And we never looked back. I had everything a single woman “needed.” I had security: plenty of my own money, paid-for assets, a house and property that was free and clear, no credit card debt, and a successful, money-making business that took care of itself and me. More than one man tried to pry me out of that very good life...With words...And promises...But, with no definitive and consistent ACTION that showed me that where I was going with him was any better than where I already was on my own. I didn’t budge. For years. What moved me to do something I’d never done? What motivated me to leave my comfort, and sell it all, and liquidate my business, and move across the country, and purchase a boat I didn’t know how to sail? I met a man who was unlike the rest. What still moves me to stay in a sometimes very physically uncomfortable situation, where money is tight, and things are in so much flux? He proves to me every day that he’s STILL unlike the rest. Stop hiding. If you want a woman who is unlike the rest, you better BE unlike the rest. Because a woman of that caliber won’t settle. Or stay. She doesn't want games. She doesn't want coy. She doesn’t wasn’t attention, when it suits YOU; and aloof silence, when it doesn’t. She doesn’t want to chase you. She doesn't want “when you get around to it.” Bottom line: She doesn’t want a pussy. She already has one of those, that works and suits her just fine. She wants a fucking MAN that’s unlike the rest. She wants someone who knows what he wants, knows he’s worthy, and knows how to get it. A KNIGHT. A HERO. I’m not man-bashing. I’m telling you what you need to know to wake up and get what you want in life. How you do ONE thing is how you do EVERYTHING. And she’s watching. YOU'RE showing her, with the way you are RIGHT NOW, what you're made of IN THE CLUTCH. So, tell me. What does she SEE? And, is it any better than where she is right now? She doesn't want a passive, scared little boy, waiting for HER to be the man and make a move in his direction. She wants a MAN, dammit, who is FEARLESS, and who TAKES ACTION. She wants someone to step up their game, step up to the plate, and swing for the fences. She wants a man who will give her a consistent reason to move her feet; toward you, and ultimately, WITH you. Make the freaking phone call, say the words, follow through, take ACTION. ~ Dawn Read Ready to get that amazing relationship? WE have something to talk about! Let’s set up a time to talk. Want to see what others have to say? Check it! Our goal is to consistently bring you insight, motivation, inspiration and encouragement. If I really inspire you, say thank you one of two (or both) ways! 1) Click “Share!” Share the shit out of my posts, on your page, on private groups, on giant 50,000 (or bigger) member public groups! Give us exposure! 2) Support our mission to leave the world better at Thank YOU. ❤️ In case you didn't know, we have a talk show! We were nominated for a podcasting award in two categories in our very first year! And we teach others, through our podcast episodes, and our writings, and through private two-on-one sessions, how to have amazing lives, too. You can find our show on our website: AND on ITunes: AND Stitcher Radio: AND Player FM: AND Google Play Podcasts: AND pretty much everywhere else. How it all started: 

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