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Episode 32 "10 Ways To Keeping It Hot!"



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“Living The Dream, While Owning the Reality”

Owning the Credit AND the Responsibility (Fault)

Dawn’s Poetic Metaphor

Life SUCKS, and We’re Just LUCKY!

Gender Roles, Episode Five

Being Deliberate about What we Wanted and Would Bring to a Relationship

Fanning the Flame: 10 Ways to Make it HOT and Keep it HOT!

1. BE A TEAM PLAYER – Work in the Same Direction with Similar or Joint Goals

Identify the Goals of the Relationship

What Do you Want to Achieve?

Be Part of the Solution

Work toward Your Goals as a TEAM

Having a Common Passion is Exciting

If you’re not on track, STOP, Adjust your Game Plan, Get a Coach, etc.

The TIME-OUT to STOP Momentum from Continuing in the Wrong Direction

Move Deliberately TOGETHER

2. ASSUME – Your mate wants what’s best for you

Assume CORRECTLY, not filtering your responses through past baggage

Assume Your Mate Loves You

Assume Your Mate Is on Your Team

90% of the Time, disputes are based on oversight, not malice

Assuming incorrectly is a passion killer

3. BE BEST FRIENDS – Do what Best Friends Do

Laugh together

Be Supportive

Have Fun

Be open

Be Lighthearted

Be Vulnerable

Be Loyal

Stop Keeping Score

Stop Competing

“What About ME?”

They Do Crazy Shit Together

What Better Person to Have all this fun with than your MATE?

Your Mate is Your Best Friends with Benefits!

Lucky’s Grandparents

4. STAY YOUNG – Have FUN, and Play Like Children

A Serious Life Cannot Produce a Lighthearted, fun Ending

We’ll Be Spontaneous When We Plan Better

5. GIVE TIL IT HURTS, AND KEEP GIVING – Treat Your Mate Like Royalty

We’re ALL Nice in the Beginning

Only Givers and Takers.

Be a Giver, and Choose a Giver

Weekly Picnic in the Bedroom

“For You, The WORLD”

Why People Don’t Keep Giving

a) They’re a taker in Disguise

b) “I’ve Given Enough” Keep Score, and Play Games (Defense)

6. REQUIRE THE SAME FROM YOUR MATE – Give More, but Require More

Doormats Give without Requirements

“What It Takes to Get me Is What It takes to Keep Me”

Don’t Keep Score

7. PUSH PAUSE – In Conflict, Regroup and Re-Establish Your Bond Before Things Escalate

Get Back On Track with What you Want for the Relationship

Why The Big Black Cat Jumps Ship


We Don’t always need the same things in the same way

Episode Four “Feed The Need”

Human Needs Psychology

Understand The Primary and Secondary Needs

Recognize And Address The Needs Of Your Mate

GREAT Way to Show Your Love

Lucky Needed Security

Dawn Needed Freedom

9. TAKE A TIME-OUT – A Deliberate Stoppage

Micro-Vacation, a few hours or even less

Exclusively Together, Exclude Others, and Everything Else

Relax, Recharge, Refocus

Unplug from Tasks, and Plug in to each Other

Clearing Internal Space Creates Opportunity and Creativity

Forget Everything for an Hour, and CONNECT


The Power in “The Toast”

Make a Big Deal Out of Little Things


Multiple Deliberate Acts Contribute to The Relationship

Decide the Relationship is the Single Most Important Thing


Prepare Yourself for The Mate Of Your Future


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