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What IS Optimism, Anyway?

While some people seem naturally optimistic, regardless of circumstances, why do others take a “wait-and-see” approach, and still others appear hopelessly pessimistic? Is optimism an inherent personality trait? I say, “no.” I think Optimism has its roots in GRATITUDE; and through it, I think Optimism can be DEVELOPED and CULTIVATED, like fruit from a tree. So what does that mean for YOU? Well, If you're not "naturally optimistic," HERE'S THE SECRET to getting there...Check it! Optimism is the FRUIT of GRATITUDE. If Optimism was a tree, I believe its roots are GRATITUDE: 🌳 Gratitude sunk deeply in your PAST; and, even if it was awful, for it taught you lessons that put you where you are today... 🌳 Gratitude spread all around in your PRESENT, because, JUST LOOK AROUND at where we are, what we have available to us, and the abilities we have to totally transform ourselves at ANY POINT that we truly DECIDE to! Those roots of gratitude can grow an amazing strong tree of Optimism, with branches reaching upward into your amazing FUTURE, producing abundant sweet fruit; if you’re willing to let those grateful roots reach deep and wide into ALL of your past and present. if you think life dealt you a bad hand growing up, and you act accordingly; well guess what? That's true for you. That’s where your roots are, and what you feed on. Of course your fruit is sour and negative. Life will always mirror back to you exactly what you believe about it. If you think your present life is hard, or one battle after another; and you act accordingly, guess what? That's true for you, too. That’s where your roots are and what you’re feeding on. No wonder your fruit is sour and pessimistic. A sad, ungrateful and pessimistic tree cannot bear happy, optimistic fruit. BUT If you look at everything you've been through--EVERY HARD LESSON you learned, EVERY MISTAKE you THINK you made, and find courage and ways to be THANKFUL for it; and then transfer that to where you are RIGHT NOW, living in THIS moment--thankful for the PROCESS; and infuse it into your FUTURE with the balls (or ovaries) to FOLLOW THROUGH with and REACH WITH ACTION toward your belief that the sky and its amazing possibilities are limitless....well, guess what? IT'S TRUE FOR YOU! The fruit is an abundant witness to the life of its host. And how much more will you have to be grateful for when it all begins to ripen for you, and land, feeding not only you, but those around you; producing grateful seeds for more grateful trees and an abundance of delicious things for which to be grateful? The quality of your fruit is a direct result of your root system, and where and how it’s planted. You don't get what you WANT. Life reflects who you ARE. SO, BE GRATEFUL! CULTIVATE OPTIMISM! May your harvest be plentiful and Sweet...❤️

~ Dawn Read

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