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What IS the meaning of life? Most of us have asked this question at one point, or another. So, here is MY truth about the meaning of life. Life has NO MEANING! In other words, Life itself does not contain a meaning within it. Therefore, the Meaning Of Life, is simply no more, and no less, than the MEANING YOU GIVE IT. That’s right, YOU are the one who DECIDES the meaning of it all. If you decide LIFE is meaningless, well guess what? Then life iS meaningless. If you decide it’s all just a struggle; well then, it’s all just a struggle. One woman could be abused and beaten by her awful husband; which could cause her to become untrusting, paranoid, and hateful towards all men. And, the same exact thing can happen to another woman; and she goes on to give classes, or start a group or organization, helping other women to become self-confident, and empowered. What’s the difference? A CHOICE—that’s it! One simply chooses be empowered, and one to be disempowered. And, just so you know, I was molested as a child, so I know what I’m talking about, here. So, what did I decide THAT event meant? Nothing. I just chalked it up to some fucked up shit that happens in life. We ALL have something—or most of us anyway. Sometimes we don’t have a meaning for everything, and we could spend the rest of our lives, mulling it over, or reliving the event in intimately gruesome details over and over, and over, and still never know. Hey, life is too damn short, why waste it reliving something you didn’t want to live the first time around? Oh wait! I just figured out the meaning! 😮 The meaning is, if I can get over some messed up shit, and still go on to have a totally Amazing Life, then SO CAN YOU! Okay, moving on... So, a few years ago I was contemplating the meaning of life, and this is what I came up with for ME. The Meaning Of Life I CHOSE, was having the time of my life, explore it all, share laughter and good times with family and friends, eating wonderful food, and share amazing conversations with interesting people, drinking fabulous wines, having delicious sex with my wife, sailing all over the world and experiencing nature in all its magnificence; it means experiencing different cultures, learning new things, using adversity and challenges to make me stronger and more creative at solving problems; AND it means teaching others how they too can live a life of their own design, not just with my words, (a very popular sport) but, by being transparent, authentic, and unapologetic in sharing it. So the real question is NOT, “what’s the meaning of life?” The real question is: What do you WANT it to mean? And furthermore, what are you gonna do about it? ~ Lucky Read Now, go make life Meaning-Full. 

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