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An elderly couple sat, silent and separated, as they drove together down a dirt road in their old pickup truck one warm sunny Sunday afternoon... The old man always let her choose the route and destination for their Sunday drives. This day, she chose the wooded hill country, about 15 miles outside of town. His weathered hands were relaxed on the wheel; carefully placed, as always, at ten and two; hers tightly folded together in her lap. He looked out through the windshield as he happily drove; while she leaned against the passenger door, staring out the side window, as the sun danced in and out through the trees. She was watching, but wasn’t really seeing anything. And she was no longer enjoying the beautiful drive that he had lovingly fired up their old pickup for. She was too busy THINKING... To her, the gap between them seemed much wider than the mere 18 inches of actual space. The distance was growing, just as the odometer ticked away the miles, and the years. It was quiet for some time—the radio had stopped working long ago—only the wind swirling in the cab, the tires on dirt and gravel, and the putt-putt-puttering of “Old Blue” was their music. Finally, she broke the silence. She turned to him and said, “I remember, when we were young, how we used to go on dates in this old truck. I remember how close we felt. I remember the way we used to hug and kiss and laugh and hold tight to one another on these Sunday drives. In fact, I remember when we used to sit RIGHT NEXT to each other.” He turned to her and said, “Darlin’, I’m driving. Who moved?” Somehow, we think that what we desire from The Universe must come to us exactly OUR way. We stare out our windows, and long for the days when things came so easily. Now, we feel distant, and alone, and even sometimes forgotten. And, all we can think about today is how it USED to be, how good it ONCE felt; and the stark contrast to what we now experience. We dwell on all of that, instead of considering how we once arrived at that long ago feeling, what we did to contribute to how we feel now, and how to again lean over into our own hearts to get back to that loving, happy place. We’re both passenger and co-pilot on our journey. We’re being driven along, but we always have a choice as to where we go, what we experience, and whether or not we feel connected through it. WE choose ALL of that. So if you feel disconnected, the question isn’t who’s driving... The question is, “Who moved?” ~ Dawn Read If I inspire you, please support us HERE . Thank you. 

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