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Episode 31 "Getting On Target"



Brought to you by ALL Our Amazing Friends at! And our PRODUCERS! Nancy and Ted Bowling and Karen Read! THANK YOU for loving us the way you do!

SPECIAL thanks to LAURIE ROTH and SHARON COLEMAN and GILLIAN JOHNSTON for your loyal support and encouragement to our mission!

Dawn Flew back to Oklahoma with Southwest Airlines for ELEVEN DOLLARS!

Visited friends, Saw Her Son, Worked out with Old Clients, and Had a GREAT Time

Lucky’s Mom Had a Heart Attack and Went Home The NEXT DAY


Two Episodes on Luck: Episode 26 and Episode 27

The Lesson Dawn and Lucky Needed to Learn

The Effect of Emotions on Getting to the Target

How Reacting Can Throw You Off-Balance

The Miracle Drug That Turned into a Nightmare

Incapacitating Pain

Nightmare Symptoms of a Miracle Drug

Dawn and Lucky’s Big Fight

Being Broke and Broken

Dawn’s Drug Detox – Going “Cold Turkey”

How Do I Feel versus How Do I WANT to Feel

Cleaning Up Trash Thoughts

The Benefit of the Storm -- Divine Intervention

The Emotions of Being On-Target

“How to Make Your Life Explode, In a GOOD Way”

“The Day After”

Where Are Your Eyes Focused?

Your Negative Emotions are VALUABLE to Get You Back on Target

People Fear, Distrust, Ignore and Medicate Their Own Emotions

How Internal Changes Create External Changes

The Suicidal Man

Moving From Miserable to Amazing

Why It’s More Important to Feel than to Think

30 Day Amazing Living Bootcamp! (Stay Tuned!)

The Point Of Desperation that Created Clarity of Purpose

Lessons Don’t Have to Be Learned the Hard Way

Learning From Success Rather Than Failure

Getting Out of Our Own Way

EMDR Therapy

The Money Episode – EP 030 - "Money, Money, Money"


The Target is Not the Issue

The Value of Your Emotions to Manifest Your Dreams


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