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I find it interesting that when we face a raging river, it never once occurs to us to put our boats in the water, and begin paddling UP stream. Yet, when facing LIFE, which is infinitely more powerful than a river, it rarely occurs to us to just simply drift DOWN stream. In fact, if by some bizarre chance we do consider it, there will be an entire army of wore out soldiers telling us we are doing it wrong, that we’re heading the wrong way, that the ONLY WAY to the good life is to battle and conquer the current. They tell us that it’s lazy and irresponsible to simply drift, and let the current take us effortlessly to the place we would eventually end up anyway, because, after all, LIFE already KNOWS where we want to be, and It knows the easiest way to get there. And still, we listen to the voices of those struggling, tired, unhappy souls, swearing that paddling against the current is the CORRECT way to go. Really? So, a while back, I really had to take a second look, and reevaluate the quality of life, from those who were shouting so loudly that THEY KNEW the way, and then ask myself, “If they’re so smart, why in the fuck are they SO stressed out, pressured, tired, on multiple medications, and full of SO many excuses as to why their ‘SO CALLED’ good life was taking such a toll on them, physically, emotionally, and romantically?” And, here’s what I came up with: They’re all fucking crazy! I mean, what else could it be? SO... I hopped into my boat, threw away my paddles, and let The Current have Its way. And, guess what? I BECAME the happiest person I personally know. Followed closely by my wife, Dawn Read. As I look back over the past three years, the ONLY time we have EVER gotten hung up on the rocks, is when we tried (God knows why) to turn around, and paddle UP stream. Today, life is more effortless than it has EVER been. Well, since before the age of six, or so, anyway. And, I’m experiencing more success (measured by happiness) than I ever expected. Our dreams are coming true, WITHOUT the struggle. The lessons being learned are painless, and through viewing successes, rather than the pains of failures. And STILL, I KNOW, many will try to argue with me. But, they should know, their words will be falling on deaf ears, for I have asked for truth, been shown the “TRUE” path, and followed it to my bliss. And my happiness is my proof. The truth remains, EVERYONE on this planet is making choices they BELIEVE will bring them happiness. Some will earn a degree, and seek employment to make them millions. Some will live as simply as possible, and live off the land, or sea. Some will play golf every chance they get, or ride their Harley, or build a hotrod, or buy 50 pairs of shoes, or create a co-dependent relationship with their kids, or join a gang, or countless other things; BUT, they are ALL doing it because they WANT TO BE HAPPY. Now, ask yourself, “Are you really happy?” REALLY? Try looking at your Facebook page for the past year. Have you complained? Be honest. In your conversations, if I were listening to them all, do you think most of your conversations would be uplifting and inspiring to me, and make me wanna hang out with YOU? Look, you don’t need my opinion of you. For the most part, I’m a frickin stranger. BUT, your HONEST answer should mean something to YOU!!! So, if how you’ve been doing it most of your life, hasn’t produced the happiness you thought it should, by now... Well, if it was, don’t you think it WOULD HAVE by now? So, how well has your belief and methods served you to this point? If they haven’t, try this: Toss your oars, and follow our lead, drifting down stream for a while. What’s the worst that could happen; you get some well needed rest? Hey, and if it doesn’t work out for you, you can always go back to your stressed out, sick, anger-filled, perfectly normal and even somewhat shitty life. Oh, and don’t worry...all your friends? Yeah, they’ll still be there waiting for you with open arms. Hell, truth is, they WANT you to fail. NO, not because they don’t love you. They do. It’s just that they don’t want to admit that they’re wrong, and unhappy, too. PS. Life is really GOOD, down stream. ~ Lucky Read


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