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Ya’ll know what it’s like when you meet that woman or man of your dreams? Remember that magic? What IS that magic? I mean, it’s NOT just that you were both insanely happy. It was bigger than that! Your love, and the energy it produced; it didn’t just lift you both up; it infected the people, and the world around you. Like, crazy, unexplainable shit was happening, and serendipitous experiences were making themselves known, almost everywhere you went. Your LOVE was not just changing you on the inside, it was literally having an effect on the world outside of you, as well. Remember that? What happened to it? Where did it go? Well, just so you know, that MAGIC didn’t just slip away. Oh sure, that’s what you tell yourself. But, truth is, YOU stopped practicing it. And, you know what? It’s still there, if you want it. Unfortunately, most folks think they can’t. Or, it’s too late. Or, I’m too old, Or, they gotta find someone new if they want that kinda crazy, fun, magic, again. That’s only because they’ve adopted that, “something for nothing” attitude, and really don’t see a problem with constantly borrowing from the Universe. Hey, it’s FREE, right? But, here’s the problem. Although the Universe/God/Life does provide the spark to get you jump-started, it doesn’t provide the ongoing fuel. In other words, you can’t borrow your way out of poverty—not in money, and not in love. It is simply unsustainable on its own. LIFE/The Universe/God; it’s always hinting, nudging, and giving us a boost. But, it doesn’t keep that spark going, forevermore. This is a joint venture. And, if you don’t do your part, it won’t do Its part. Hey, I don’t make the rules. I’ve just witnessed the unfailing enforcement of them. How can I say this? Because I’ve been around the block a time or two. Because I’ve paid attention. Because I’ve carefully watched, and learned, from both my failures AND successes. And, the successes and failures of every one around me. AND because, here it is, a few years down the road, and my wife, Dawn and I are STILL madly in love. More so than ever, actually. AND, we are still creating that MAGIC! A HUGE part of what makes our life SO fucking Amazing is not just that we’ve finally found the love of our lives, or that we live on a yacht, across from one of the most beautiful beaches in the country, or that we have millions in the bank. (Okay, we’re still working on that one.) But, that we’re still engaged in making MAGIC! Anyone who’s watching our life closely enough knows what I’m talking about. I mean, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think: 1. They’re making their whole story up. 2. What in the hell did they do in their past life, to deserve such blessings in this one? Of course, some of our close family, friends, fans and followers know, it wasn’t always like this. They might not know what it is. BUT, they KNOW something changed in us FIRST! And for the skeptics; sure, there are still things that get to us, and bring us down for a moment, here and there. But, for the most part (98% of the time), we stay engaged in the magic-producing PROCESS. And, it never stops; well, unless WE do. But, we KNOW how to get it started, again. PRACTICE!!! An Amazing Life is NOT some definable, scientific formula, that you just plug in A, then B, then C, and POOF. 💥 An Amazing Life is a practice. It’s an art. The rules are flexible. But, there are definitely rules. In other words, at some point, you DO have to pick up the brush, or pen, and do something with it. Here’s a free tip for you: EVERY SINGLE DAY, I MAKE myself, (Wait! Did you hear that?) I “MAKE” myself fall in love with Dawn. That sounds awful, I know. But it’s true. You see, I don’t leave it up to chance. I don’t WAIT for the mood, or the inspiration to create a spark. “I” create the spark. “I” tell Lucky, LOVE THAT GIRL TODAY! Find something about her that you’re grateful for, and LOVE THAT thing. I recognize where the volume knob is, and I crank the mother fucker up, like it’s 1980, and Van Halen just came on the radio, on a Friday night, after winning a football game. Too many of you are WAITING for something big to inspire you. WRONG!!! “BE” the inspiration. If you said, “I DO.” And you didn’t? Shame on you. If you said “I do”, because it was a smart move? Shame on you. BUT, if you said, “I do”, because you loved that person with everything within you, and couldn’t imagine life without them, and as a result, vowed to love them till death do you part? Well, my friend, if the magic’s faded, THIS is all ON YOU! You are WAY more POWERFUL than you give yourself credit for. But see, it’s easier if you won’t admit that. Because now, you can blame them. You can say, they stopped trying. Sorry, I’m calling bullshit! Look, I’m not the easiest guy in the world to live with. I can be pretty demanding at times. But, you know what? I GIVE till it fucking hurts. And then, I give some more. Oh, one of my demands? I insist my wife does the same. 😬 Wow, he is crazy. And demanding. Ask Dawn, she’ll tell you. There are times she wishes I’d just pack up all my shit, and LEAVE. For like at least an hour or two, anyway. And, I could say the same. But, that feeling doesn’t last very damn long, I’ll tell you. Why? Because we are both well aware, that the other GIVES, and LOVES, and SACRIFICES, WAYYYYY beyond what is reasonable. Because we see nearly every single day, the love, the loyalty, the devotion, and the commitment, that is given by deliberate choice, and out of appreciation. And, because we know what it’s like to NOT have that, that we refuse to let our own stubborn, or wounded egos wreck the party. SO, if you want MAGIC in your life; if you want more AMAZING in your life, know THIS: It IS right there, waiting for each and every one of you. BUT, you’re never gonna get any good at it, if you don’t PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Or, as we always say, “Ya get good at what you practice.” 

~ Lucky Read


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