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Episode 29 "The Struggle is Real"



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“The Struggle is REAL”

What we’ve been up to:

Film making classes

Attending and Facilitating Speaking Classes

Studying For Captain’s License

The Amazing Living Podcast

Choices for the Greater Good

Running out of Money

What to do when it’s “Nut Cuttin’’ Time

The Impact of $2.50

Lucky took a JOB

The Criteria for an Amazing Life

Dawn’s trip to Costco in Boca Raton

Rich People Aren’t Always Happier

The Matrix of An Amazing Life

What the Struggle Does FOR You


A Life-Lesson in Resistance

The VALUE of the Struggle

Controlling The Internal Chatter

Where the Struggle REALLY Lies

The Paralysis of Analysis

Living in The GAP

Why Everyone is WINNING at Life

Why People Think They’re LOSING at Life

High Quality versus Low Quality Problems

The Benefits of Struggle

The Guidance System of Emotions

Episode Four: “Feed The Need”

The Day The Rug Was Pulled Out From Under Lucky and Dawn

The Divine Power In Deciding To Change Your Emotions

Episode 26: “Wanna Get Lucky?”

Episode 27: “Wanna Get Lucky Again?”

You Choose to Dance or Step in The Octagon

Is the Struggle REALLY Real?



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