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Let me ask you, Is an Amazing Life having a huge bank account? Is it having someone who loves you, and will do ANYTHING for you? Is an Amazing Life one in where you have perfect health, and are as fit as a fiddle? Is an Amazing Life where you’re the prettiest, most handsome, or most talented? Or, is it simply a life where you’ve managed to eliminate all your struggles, and live in complete comfort and security? Or, maybe, you think an Amazing Life is when you finally “Have It All!” After working for 30 years touring with the most talented, wealthy, beautiful, and famous; the kind of people most folks would probably say are “Living An Amazing Life,” I had the great fortune of defining what I believe constitutes an Amazing Life. AND, do you know when it came to me? When I realized what it was NOT! It’s when I realized that some of these people who appeared to have life by the balls were confiding in ME; PAYING ME to help them find answers and solutions for WHY they felt so unfulfilled. WTF? At the time, I was “just” their freaking bus driver. 🤔 But I was also one of the happiest, most well-adjusted people on the road. And, it all started before I had, what I would consider, a lot of the crucial details figured out. I learned you can be beautiful, have all your hair, be incredibly talented, earning millions, have a big beautiful house on each coast, and one in the Bahamas; own several exotic cars, have a beautiful spouse (and side-action) be surrounded by millions of adoring fans, and STILL feel there’s something missing. So, what is that “something?” I’ll tell you. It’s living life on your own terms. It’s understanding that struggle is a necessary component of fulfillment, and to learn from its lessons, instead of fighting it. An Amazing Life is one where you don’t need a bacon wrapped, chocolate dipped, double all beef patty, smothered with chili and cheese, in between a glazed donut bun, topped with whipped cream and a cherry, to enjoy the flavor of life. It’s being able to identify the subtleties in life, to recognize, and truly find value in the simplest of things, that turns all things into Big Things. An Amazing Life is OWNING the fact that peace, happiness, and fulfillment are not what you can extract out of things, people or events. It is about the peace, happiness and fulfillment that YOU bring to them! We all KNOW this stuff. Or, we think we do. We just keep forgetting we know it. And we keep believing TV and internet, when it tells us, we won’t truly be happy until we drive this, live or vacation here, wear, drink, or smoke that. We are bombarded with a social mentality that says you’re not good enough. “Ask your doctor if you’re healthy enough for sexual activity.” Are you fucking serious? Think about this for a minute. A little over three years ago, Dawn and I decided we wanted to sail around the world. We haven’t left yet. The boat’s not ready to go, we’re still about $25k short. And, we’ve sold practically everything we own. Neither one of us is in perfect health. We’re both 55 years old, and we’re not getting younger. We “like everyone else on the freaking plant” have problems, challenges, and struggles, almost daily. And still... We are as giddy as two 18-year olds on spring break—MOST of the time. In fact, Dawn said, “If we were 18 again, living on this boat, off of Anna Maria Island, with a growing online business helping people realize their life’s purpose and dreams... we’d feel like we were choppin’ tall cotton right now.” And she’s absolutely right! Yes, even in the midst of all our challenges, discomfort, and some goals still yet to be accomplished, we are STILL desirously happy, 98% of the time. And we ARE chopping tall cotton! But, how? Because, we choose to. Every day, we simply DECIDE to love each other with everything we got, everyday of our lives. And, when one of us forgets, (and we do, occasionally), we give the other permission to kick us square in the ass. And we do the same with our lives in general, and the adventure we’re on. Because, we chose all of this. Did you catch that? We CHOSE it. And acted on it. A big key to an Amazing Life is CHOOSING ONE. Decide what that looks like, and start moving your ass towards it. Want to increase the level of Amazing? Screw the baby steps. Baby steps are for BABIES. Take massive, WTF, have you lost your mind, un-fucking-reasonable, ACTION! Will it scare the crap out of you? Uh, yeah, Duhhhh... 🤪

So what. Like you’ve never been scared before? Of course you have. And, you will again. And, NOT going for it won’t spare you either, so you might as well take your best frickin shot.   Someone recently told us, “It doesn’t look as though we planned very well.” I suppose, from their perspective, this is true. But, our plan was to go on the adventure of our lives. Get it? The ADVENTURE WAS the PLAN. Far too many people want to go to Disneyland, and “pretend” they’re on a wild, death-defying adventure. But, the reality is, it’s just a cheap imitation that delivers a short thrill; with no deep personal satisfaction, or sense of pride, or accomplishment. It’s like getting a hooker or gigolo, and pretending you’re making love. You’re only getting your rocks off. Cheap thrill. No depth. No life change. Quick fix. That’s it. Back to the grind of life. End of story. And, there’s nothing wrong with that, if that’s your thing. But, let’s be honest, and call it what it really is. Now, we’re not here to tell ANYBODY how they should be living their lives. Hey, maybe Disneyland and hookers is all the adventure you can handle. So be it. The reality is, no one has to live in your shoes, but YOU! However, we are sharing the thinking and strategies that have RADICALLY changed our own lives for the better, and IS working for our growing list of clients. If you like us now, hang on—we’re just getting started. And if you’re put off by us now, better run for cover—we’re just getting started. You couldn’t have found us (Amazing Living with Dawn & Lucky) at a better time. Why, because we’re not like 99% of the other Life Coaches/Life Strategists out there. Sure, we could put on a front. We could easily edit the life you see, to show you one of perfection. And it would be bullshit! Just like much of what they’re showing you. Contrary to what many are professing, life is NOT, and never will be PERFECT. Perfection doesn’t exist. And, even if it did, you’d be bored shitless in less than a month. Meaning and fulfillment come from creation, which necessitates overcoming challenges, and adversity; from learning lessons and growing along the way. These are seeds of self-confidence and a healthy dose of self pride. The fronting isn’t just among “Life Coaches,” gurus, or entertainers. It’s everywhere on Facebook. Everyone wants us to believe their life is perfect. I mean, why else would anybody even bother to watch or listen to them, if it weren’t, right? And, people will go to great lengths to set up and edit an artificial life, so they can convince us. It’s taken us a lot of years to figure this all out. And we have a different message. Our message is one of truth, transparency, and authenticity; showing you that not only will life NOT be PERFECT, but it doesn’t have to be in order for you to love the living shit out of it. We hope you are excited! Because, we are giving you a front row seat to a transformation most will never show you, or anybody else has most likely ever seen. NOBODY that we know of, till now, has had the balls to speak, LIVE and teach their truth, in the midst of a sometimes painful process, in real time, all before a live audience. We’re well aware that there are critics who won’t value our philosophies, because we don’t have millions in the bank, YET. 😉 And, we also know there are scores of fans that love us BECAUSE we don’t have millions in the bank, YET! Which brings me to the point of this rant. And, that point is THIS: Our LIVES did NOT become AMAZING because we acquired a fortune, first. Our LIVES did NOT become AMAZING because we eliminated all of life’s struggles. We CREATED an Amazing ATTITUDE, FIRST! Let me say that again. We created an Amazing Attitude, FIRST! Then, an Amazing dream, then an Amazing love affair, then an Amazing lifestyle, then in an Amazing location, where we then created an Amazing business, all in the midst of an Amazing adventure. It’s simple, really. If your criteria of an Amazing Life is validated only by someone having lots of commas in their bank account, then you should be following a financial planner, investment expert, or no-money-down real estate guru—not us. BUT, if you you’re flat broke, filthy rich, or anywhere in between, and you don’t feel your life is AMAZING? And, you really want to learn from a couple of folks who are LIVING IT? Well, we have something to teach you. Don’t take this post as proof. Go back over the past 4 or 5 years of our history, and see for yourself. So, now when the haters, doubters, and critics say, “Yeah, sure, I’d be happy too, if I had THEIR lives...” We laugh. It’s a joke. We know they wouldn’t last three months doing everything we’ve done for the last three years. We all know that nothing is quite as Amazing as something that is custom tailored, just for you. And, we know this post is a generic, one size fits all. But, listen, because you stuck with this reading this long, you’ve already proven on a small scale that things can improve for you. You’re off to a good start. 

~ Lucky Read

If you need specific help, from someone intimately familiar with the process of creating an amazing life, message us. We are EXPERTS in this field. We do Amazing. We love you guys. ❤️ Now go have an Amazing Day.  


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