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The Crossroads

"When you come to a fork in the road, take it!" ~ Yogi Berra 

The last significant crossroad at which I had a major awakening was a moment spent in an actual intersection on a warm summer night in 2013.  It wrecked my car, badly injured my back, neck, wrists and pelvis, blew my ACL, and set me on a slow path of growth and self awareness that has led me to the present place of internal bliss I probably could not have arrived at any other way. This painful event didn't happen TO me.  It happened FOR me. But, for it to benefit me, I had to keep moving.  I couldn't sit in the crossroads, and suffer, and expect anything good to come of it. Pain is inevitable, folks. Suffering, however, is completely optional. The amount of time, if any, we spend suffering is entirely up to us. I've approached the many "disasters" in my life from both perspectives.  I've seen what sitting and suffering does, and I've experienced what moving accomplishes. I am now persuaded that when things fall completely apart, it is ultimately so they can fall into place. But, the speed and efficiency with which order appears to us is solely dependent on how we choose to think through those moments of perceived chaos... What are you doing at YOUR crossroads, today? ~ Dawn Read

Dawn Read has assisted individuals toward a better life for over two decades. When she isn’t writing, with clients, or at a nearby beach honing her video or photography skills, she co-hosts their award-nominated podcast, “Amazing Living with Dawn & Lucky,” found on, ITunes and all major podcatchers. Find her on:  Instagram Facebook Twitter Are you at a crossroads, and afraid to take a step, or don’t know which way to go?  WE have something to talk about!  Let’s set up a time to talk. Want to see what others have to say? Check it!

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