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Step By Step

EVERY STEP YOU TAKE LEADS YOU SOMEWHERE. Where is the focus of your attention? Where are you stepping? Are your steps taking you outside your comfort zone, or farther in? Are your steps heading you toward intentioned enlightenment, or willful ignorance? Toward an amazing life, or same shit, different day? Growth or stagnation? EVERY STEP TAKES YOU CLOSER TO A DESTINATION. If you're unhappy, uncomfortable or dissatisfied with the place in which you find yourself and the direction of your life, I say, "GOOD for you!" This is AWESOME news! In their walk, focused mainly on comfort, safety and security, many have grown so busy being comfortable that they don't notice their steps are taking them down a path toward their own bland, tepid, boring life, and death. But, that's not YOU—at least, not recently. You feel a restlessness, an internal discomfort that has been growing for some time.  You used to ignore it, stay busy, even self-medicate, so you didn't have to listen to that small voice telling you to TAKE THAT STEP. Until NOW. Now, you're too uncomfortable to ignore it. Being uncomfortable is a GOOD thing.  It’s made you AWARE; and THAT is a tremendous catalyst for change! So, take heart, take heed, and take note: If you don't like where you are, DON'T JUST STAND THERE! STEP AWAY FROM IT! If you don't like where you're headed, for Heaven's sake, STOP STEPPING that direction! You may not reach your ideal destination today; BUT, RIGHT NOW, with your VERY NEXT STEP, YOU WILL change the direction you're headed. And that first step gets you one step closer to where your heart sings. Watch your step, folks. ~ Dawn Read Need help with that first step? Let us know. We can help. We do amazing.

Dawn Read has assisted individuals toward a better life for over two decades. When she isn’t writing, with clients, or at a nearby beach honing her video or photography skills, she co-hosts their award-nominated podcast, “Amazing Living with Dawn & Lucky” found on, ITunes and all major podcatchers. Find her on:  Instagram Facebook Twitter Need help with that first step?  WE have something to talk about! Let’s set up a time to talk. Want to see what others have to say? Check it!

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