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Meeting my wife Dawn was definitely a miracle.  No doubt about it! 

But, that’s NOT what changed my life.  NO, what changed my life was NOT the miracle itself; but rather, the constant daily acknowledgment, and intense gratitude I give TO that miracle, every single day. 

You see, we ALL have miracles happen to us; every day, in fact.  Hell, the odds of you even being born are approximately 400 TRILLION to ONE!  If that’s not a fucking miracle, what is?

But here’s the real problem; it’s not that we all don’t have miracles show up in our lives on a ridiculously consistent basis—quite the opposite actually.  The truth is, we are all inundated with miracles; all day, every day, and we TOTALLY take them for granted. 

We are confronted with an endless barrage of miracles; so much so, that we have accepted them as an entitlement.  We don’t even bat an eye at 99.9999999999% of the miracles happening in, and around our lives; because, we simply EXPECT THEM. 

Do you realize we went from riding in covered wagons, and shitting in the woods, to powered flight in only 62 years?  And now, we can even flip on a switch for lighting, and take that shit at around 500 mph, and over 30,000 feet, in the fucking air.  Do you GET THAT?  And, only 66 years later, we put a man on the moon.  The FUCKING MOON, people! 

And, do you know how we put a man on the moon?  A MIRACLE! The miracle called a Computer. A what?  Yeah, try explaining what that is to my Great Grandma back in 1969.  She would have looked at you like you belonged in a rubber room. 

Now, try this on for some reference: 

THE 1969 APOLLO COMPUTER that put a man on the moon, and live-streamed it was:


MEMORY: measured in words; 2,048 words, to be exact. 

DISPLAY: Safe segment numeric. 

WEIGHT: 70 lbs.

COST: $150,000

And didn’t have a built-in phone, either. 

And Today’s 2018 iPhone X:

PROCESSOR: A11 Bionic Chip, 2.39 GHz Hexa-core, with 64-bit architecture. 

MEMORY STORAGE: 32 - 256 gigs

RAM (Random Access Memory): 3 GB LPDDR4X

DISPLAY: 5.8 super retina LED backlit, 3D touch screen. 

WEIGHT: 6.14 oz 

COST: $549

CAMERA: 12 mega pixels 

VIDEO: at 24, 30, or even up to 60 fps, all at 4k. 

Also has Siri, who is fluent in over 40 languages. 

Comes with 35 preinstalled apps, including GPS mapping (that’s using satellites in fucking space, for you technically challenged).  It can also give real time, live, weather and forecasts, check your stocks, broadcast TV, and play any kind of music you like.  It can even send a hi-def photo or video of the Kid Rock concert you’re watching, almost instantly.  Not enough for you?  How about being able to search Google or YouTube, and find out how to do just about anything in the world.  You can even send and revive money, for God’s sake. 

I mean JEEZUS people; what do you want, your most precious resource to rain down from the sky? 

And THIS is what I’m talking about.  Miracles are so commonplace, that we don’t even give them a second thought.  And, then we wonder why God doesn’t send us any miracles…

You’ve probably heard me say this a thousand times:

“We get good at what we practice.”

And, if there is ONE THING we mere mortals all practice more than anything else on this planet (besides complaining), it’s taking shit for granted. We take our job for granted, our transportation for granted, our cell phone for granted.  We even take our very own talents and intellect for granted.  Hell, we take our basic food, clothing, and shelter for granted.

We take for granted the fact that we live on a planet, in a universe that produces the air we breathe, the water we drink, the earth we walk on, and all the basic elements to create anything we could possibly want.

Based on what I’ve seen in my 55 years, golf clubs and Harley Davidson motorcycles may be one of the very few things left on earth that man actually still cherishes.  Funny?  No, sad; but mostly true.  So, is it any wonder that we take our children and spouse for granted?

And then some folks wonder WHY, or HOW I got so lucky.  Why did the miracle happen to me? 

The honest answer—it didn’t JUST happen to me.  It’s happening to us ALL, all the time. I’m just one of the few who not only acknowledges it, but celebrates it.


Does that mean my life is a bed of roses; and miracles make life all comfy and easy?  Oh, hell no! Sometimes, miracles are placed in our lives to redirect us.  AND, sometimes, we’re just too fucking stubborn to pay attention. Sometimes, miracles come in the form of ideas and insights.  Sometimes, miracles are situations, circumstances, objects or people showing up in our lives.  BUT, without exception, we are required to acknowledge, celebrate, and then, DO SOMETHING WITH THEM, to realize their full value and benefit. The reason my relationship with my wife is AMAZING, is NOT because she, or I, are perfect.  It’s not because we are always easy on one another, or ourselves.  And, it’s not without a requirement. Miracles REQUIRE your ongoing attention, and honoring, in order to keep producing the GOOD they once did. We will all find love, at some point in our lives.  We will all find passion and romance, at some point.  We will all find excitement, joy, happiness, fulfillment, and that special time; when gratitude overwhelms us to the point of tears. And then… Most of us will forget that it was a miracle that made it happen. Most of us will take for granted that once precious gift. And then…

Many will look up to the Heavens, and ask God for another Miracle; and then wonder WHY our request goes “unanswered.” But know this:  I didn’t always feel this way; and not so surprisingly, my life didn’t appear to have too many miracles in it, either.  This was learned behavior.  As a result, I live a quite different life these days.

At 55 years old, my life is Amazing!  It’s not always easy; BUT it IS full of adventure, happiness, joy, incredible fulfillment, and MIRACLES. Do you REALLY want to use miracles to change your life?

Not sure where to start? Go to:

We not only do Amazing; we do Miracles, too.  (At least, we’ll help you discover them.)

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