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Did I Just Get Lucky?

It’s not LUCK or an accident that my husband, Lucky, and I have the kind of relationship that others dream of.  It is a deliberate choice, and consistent act of our wills to keep the fire strong between us, to keep the walls high around us, and to keep the passion for each other alive in us. Don’t EVER assume that the person you love knows or understands how you really feel. Stop playing coy.  Stop playing stupid games, with your own life, and with the life and heart of another. If you love him or her, say the fucking words, NOW, while this moment and your loved one is HERE. And if you mean it, ACT like it—because words are important, but actions speak louder. I actually seldom receive these kinds of notes, anymore. I don’t have to. Since moving aboard our sailboat together, we live literally within arm’s reach nearly every minute, now.  But, he still says all of this, and more; face-to-face, and through his actions, in some form, DAILY. If nothing else, his devotion to me has grown stronger. I NEVER wonder where I fit in his life. Do you know where YOU fit?  Does your loved one know? The below letter was written to me a few years ago. THIS is how it’s done. This is why I stay. This is why I left everything “safe and secure” that I once knew, for this crazy ride of my life I’m on.  This is why I gave everything I had to pursue a dream.  This is why I can still be incredibly uncomfortable, at the times when my body screams for comfort. There HAD to be something, and someone, WORTHY of leaving my already great life FOR. The WHY is everything... Read on... ❤️ "There are no words to describe what we are to each other. I've seen love. I've felt love. I've given love. And not only once, but many times over. But what is this? What is it when you are closer than brother and sister, closer than best friends, completely and shamelessly transparent to the point of utter embarrassment and complete shame, and YET, understood, accepted, and even cherished? This connection between you and I resembles nothing like anything else I have ever witnessed, let alone experienced. This is as close to heaven as I can possibly even imagine, here on this earthly plane. It is the merging of souls, spirit, and the God Force, AND all the joy, passion, sexual chemistry and fire the human body is capable of, all rolled into one. It has been said that there is NO limit to how good we can feel. It's not that there is no limit to the extent of pleasure we can experience, but as we are proving every day, there is no limit to how long we can continue to sustain this state of divinity and lovingly delirious intoxication. With every day, week, month, or year that passes, I only fall deeper and more passionately into bliss with you. I worship the ground you walk on Dawn Read, and for the first time in my life, I have nothing to fear, in letting go so completely. COMPLETELY! You are without a doubt, the other half of me, and undeniable proof that soul mates really do exist. Thank you for finally showing up." ~ Lucky If you want this for yourself and for your relationship, we can help you. What do others think?

Dawn Read has assisted individuals toward a better life for over two decades. When she isn’t writing, with clients, or at a nearby beach honing her video or photography skills, she co-hosts their award-nominated podcast, “Amazing Living with Dawn & Lucky,” found on, ITunes and all major podcatchers. Find her on: Instagram Facebook Twitter

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