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One Little Shift

You can look at everything that happens—I mean EVERYTHING—in one of two ways: It either happens TO you, or FOR you. When I began to grasp that, I became thankful in a lot more things. And I realized something... Life was no longer HITTING me. It was HELPING me. When I LOOKED for things for which to be thankful—even in the most difficult of times for my flesh, my ego, my comfort—when I changed how I THOUGHT about those things; my ATTITUDE changed. And, when my attitude changed, my STRONG FEELINGS changed. When my STRONG FEELINGS changed, my ACTIONS changed. When all of that changed IN me, my life AROUND me changed, too. You DO have a choice. You always do. You are in so much more control of your own happiness and quality of life than you realize or give yourself credit for. Do you want your life to change? You’re going to have to change yourself, FIRST. And, don't think it will happen overnight. Don't think The Universe won't check in often with you to prove you're serious. And, if you're not? Believe me, you’ll be shown, until you GET serious. WHY? Because Life, and all its happenings are not here to HIT you, but to HELP you, and lead you to your own best conclusions. Stop playing around. Stop blaming everything and everyone else for where you find yourself. far has that gotten you? How is it working, so far? That approach only digs you in deeper to the very things you DON’T want for yourself. What are you waiting for? This is IT! This is your LIFE! It doesn’t move until YOU do. So, get moving! Get off the BENCH. Get in the GAME of your own life, and finally play like you MEAN it. ~ Dawn Read

When you’re ready to re-direct your life, HIRE A PRO to help. Dawn Read has assisted individuals toward a better life for over two decades. When she isn’t writing, with clients, or at a nearby beach honing her video or photography skills, she co-hosts their award-nominated podcast, “Amazing Living with Dawn & Lucky,” found on, ITunes and all major podcatchers. Find her on: 




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