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It's SO easy to talk the talk. I do it all the time. But, it's another thing to remain flexible and soft inside when I sense gridlock all around, to stay grateful and cheerful when life is painful, to stay present when the mind wants something down the road, or to know a way will be made when I don't see it just yet. Life isn't just talk.  It's also constant exercise. It's awareness, attitude adjustments, learning, honest time in the mirror, course-correcting, discipline, consistent follow-through, bringing myself around to square and to my bliss.

It’s not only knowing WHAT to think; but HOW and WHY.  It’s knowing things around me flow better when I flow.  Its knowing what I focus on grows.  It’s knowing that sincere gratitude brings more gratitude-invoking events to me. And, it’s knowing The Universe doesn't give me what I WANT.  It reflects who I am. So today, I'm reflecting... And adjusting as necessary. 

~ Dawn Read When you’re ready to re-direct YOUR thoughts and your life, HIRE A PRO to help. Dawn Read has assisted individuals toward a better life for over two decades. When she isn’t writing, with clients, or at a nearby beach honing her video or photography skills, she co-hosts their award-nominated podcast, “Amazing Living with Dawn & Lucky,” found on, ITunes and all major podcatchers. Find her on: Instagram Facebook Twitter

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