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The VALUE of Shock

“This is the most disgusting act!” “I can’t believe what I’m seeing (hearing, watching, etc.)!” “This’ll make your skin crawl!” “After learning this, you won’t sleep for a week!” “Just when you thought it was safe to visit ________ (insert place, profession, activity, restaurant, country, etc), you’ll never go back!” Or, Anything about politics; including past, present, or potential presidents. Anything specifically about the death and destruction of natural disasters. Anything about cruelty. Pictures or videos of death, mutilation or maiming of an animal or human. Anything where there is constant shock-value, drama and arguing. The list goes on... You want to know why you feel like shit most of the time? Why your life is so full of drama? Why you aren’t deeply happy? Why you don’t sleep well? Why your stomach is in knots? Why you think everyone’s out to get you? Why you’re always in a bad mood? Why you can’t seem to get a break? Why you have trouble getting along with people? Why nothing changes for the better? If you regularly click on, participate in lengthy discussion about, and share on Facebook (or most anywhere else) anything that even remotely resembles the list of attention grabbers, there is no WONDER. When you ingest that shit regularly, it WILL come out of you, in some form. And the World WILL reflect it right back to you, in increasing amounts. You’re on a downward spiral, my friend. Garbage IN, garage OUT! What you focus on grows, takes root, bears seed, and produces fruit. And, if you take enough of this stuff in, it WILL permeate every PART of your life! I’m not saying put your head in the sand and cease knowing “what’s going on” around you. I mean, TOUCH on a subject (if you truly have a need to know, because you plan on doing something about it) long enough, without letting yourself become IMMERSED in it. I know, horrible things happen. I know there is widespread disaster, death, destruction, sickness, etc. I know, we need connection. But there is a difference between connecting to make a difference, versus becoming purveyors of the problem. I don’t need you to tell ME about what’s going on. I know about what I need to know, already. We have plenty of “news” sources attempting to force-feed us all. Do we really need to hash and re-hash it all, here, too? I don’t think so. When was the last time you talked about ideas, instead of things or people? When was the last time you took any significant amount of time to read or listen to something that was uplifting, and then shared or talked about THAT with your Facebook friends? When was the last time you listened to someone you disagreed with; and actually just LISTENED, with the intent to actually understand, instead of belt out a rebuttal or personal insult? When was the last time you personally implemented a solution, instead of just complained? When was the last time you took a full month, or week, or just 24 hours, or even one wake cycle, to only focus on what was right and good about this world, instead of what you think is so fucked up about it? I seek to be a light in a dark place all over social media. My husband, Lucky, and I offer solid strategies and instructions to help our readers, listeners and viewers navigate through the muck, bypass the bullshit, and reach the Amazing Life they desire, IF they desire. We are positive, uplifting and challenging. But, as I have said before; in our dealings and communication, whether it be on Facebook or face-to-face, I will not let anyone’s drama infect my peace. So, if you regularly post or discuss the things I listed; and I see a pattern, I already unfollowed you; probably long ago. I will still check in on you once in awhile, I will still love you, and I will still be there for you, if you call, and if feel I can assist. But I won’t participate in the buffet of drama-filled poison you feed yourself, or dole out to others. If you so disagree with my way of doing things that this is somehow a dealbreaker for you, if you think I’m crazy for MY way of thinking, I’m fine with that. You’re welcome to cut me loose; here, or “out there.” I was happy when I woke today, I was happy when I wrote this, and I’ll be happy when I finish... I work to create and foster happiness in my life. It’s no accident. I will do whatever it takes to remain happy. And, I truly hope you become more happy, too. If this resonates with you, you are welcome to SHARE it. We are surrounded with thousands of positive people from all over the world. I celebrate you ALL! ~ Dawn Read If you want to turn your negativity-cycle around, but don’t know how or where to start, let us know. Changing lives for the better is what we do for a living. Look us up right HERE

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