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Buh-Bye, Bitch-Fest!

You say you don't like your situation.  You say you wish things were different.  You even ask for ADVICE!  

But weeks and months and years continue to pass... And your complaints continue; and, still, nothing changes. Let me ask: What do you REALLY WANT for your life? Drama?  More of the same? Or happy? Because, if you want to bitch and complain for the sake of hearing yourself, go ahead and do that. Not here, though. In a few years, though, come back and let me know how that's worked out for you. "Man, she is MEAN!" you think. "You don't KNOW me!" you mutter under your breath. "Who does she think she IS?!" Well, since you asked, I'm someone who USED to complain, and wish things were different. And then I tired of it, dug into myself, buckled down and DID something about my life. I know...We don't tell people what they want to hear.  We tell the truth as we know it, and have experienced incredible successes through it. Most times, especially initially, that TRUTH comes as hard medicine. And it doesn't taste good to most people. It didn't taste good to me the first time I heard it, either. Question is: Do you want something that tastes good for a second?  Or, do you want something that changes your life for the better? Bottom line: You can keep doing things the way you've always done them... And you can keep complaining about what isn't working... And you can keep rallying troops to your pity-party. And you can continue wishing things were different; And, I can promise, you will continue to get exactly what you've been getting. In fact, the situation will most likely WORSEN. Now, if you're insanely happy with that scenario, power to you. But, if you are constantly complaining or wishing things were different, it is evident that, at least to this point, you are not insanely happy with your results. Nor would it appear that much in or around you has changed, or you wouldn't have a list to complain or wish about. Lucky and I change lives for a living.  We don't listen to problems.

We strategize SOLUTIONS.  This is what we do. And we're GOOD at it. We don't affect massive positive changes holding people's hands and agreeing with them about how bad things are. We do it by rattling their self imposed cages, showing them where they are locked up, and where the keys are; and then how to use those keys to release themselves...if they dare take that first of many brave steps. I promise you, the lives Lucky and I live are not the result of luck, complaining, wishes, or paralysis and retreat at the threshold of change. It takes self-awareness, challenging long-held and limiting ideas, thought patterns and beliefs; and it takes vision, strategy, bold, massive, decisive, determined ACTION, and consistent follow through to radically change stagnant situations. For most, that is just too uncomfortable an endeavor; especially, on one's own. So, which is it for you and your one and only life? Same shit, different day? "Someday?" Or something radical and new and positive TODAY? Your life, your call... The clock is ticking... Blessings on you ❤️ ~ Dawn Read So, you’re ready to STOP complaining, and START changing your life; but don’t know where or how to start? WE have something to talk about! Click HERE and let’s talk. Want to see what others have to say? Check it out right HERE!

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