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The Meaning of a Day

I saw one friend say today was going to be a tough day. Another said it was a grateful day. Yet another exclaimed a good day was in store. And one friend just knew it was going to be a horrible day. So, what kind of day is it? See, a day is just a day. It starts with our wake up and ends with our nodding off to sleep. The sun shines, and it rains, for everyone, at some point, everywhere. People die, get sick, have babies, fall in love, break up, find a job, get fired, remain bored, make incredible discoveries, work hard, sit around, become rich and lose fortunes every single day. Meanwhile, this planet quietly spins, and travels around the sun. Days and nights blur by, and seasons change like they always have. See, they are just days...they bring light, and darkness, and rhythm. They do what they’ve done, the way they’ve done, for eons. We are not promised unlimited days—not even that the sun will set for us today, or rise tomorrow.

The day itself has no meaning; except the meaning we give it. And that is entirely based on our decisions for it.  

So, what will your days mean for you? ~ Dawn Read

If you’d like more or better meaning in your days, let us help you find it .  


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