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A Weighty Matter

Guess what?  Things aren't "perfect." 

I currently have a rather sizable list of my own things I could complain about on any given day.  I also know, the more time I spend thinking about THAT list, the bigger it seems; and the more it weighs on me. 

Hold even a tiny weight for very long, and no matter how light it feels to begin with, it “becomes” heavier with the time you spend holding it, and with the amount of focus you place on it. As an avid weightlifter for most of my life, and fitness trainer for nearly two decades, I learned and used this principle long ago, and nearly every day for many years. 

Believe me, I can make a 10-pound weight feel like 50, if I get you to hold it and focus on it long enough. You who know me, or who have ever worked with me, know full well what I mean, don't you? :-) Conversely, I can also distract you in the weightroom, and make you think the load is much LIGHTER than it is.  You are stronger than you realize, and can move more weight at times, when I shift your focus.  I can get you to believe the weight isn't as heavy; and I have proven it countless times in strength tests. You do what you BELIEVE you can do...or what I believe you can do. As a man thinketh... In life, I know that, even though all of those "imperfect" and weighty things are still there, the more and longer I think about those things for which I am GRATEFUL, the more I focus on what is GOOD and LIGHT about my life, the more I give THANKS, the lighter the load becomes in my mind.  

And when the load FEELS lighter in my mind, the load BECOMES lighter in my LIFE. When it felt like life was kicking my tail; and all I could see was how much life was kicking my tail, guess what?  Life continued to kick my tail, over and over again, and harder and harder.  It wasn’t until I DECIDED to change my focus, and the amount of time I spent there, that things really began to shift for the better.  I found the tiniest things to be thankful for, in the beginning, and built on that.  

And as the momentum began to shift, so did the weight I felt.

Today, I choose not to spend much time focusing on things that could weigh me down; and instead, I focus much more on what is right and good, and all those things for which I am grateful. I feel lighter and less encumbered, as a result. 

AND, I find that I attract more of what I think of regularly. 

No, to my senses, things aren’t “perfect.”  But I believe they are going my way.  I expect them to.  I am thankful for every little thing, and fully expect more of those things to come. Does that sound new-agey?  Too easy?  Like some sort of a mind trick?  Like Blab-it-and-grab-it mentality? 

Who cares what it sounds like?! 

It works. 

I dare you to try it.  And I mean, REALLY try it.  Change your thoughts, change your words, change your feelings, and change your actions for the better; and your life has NO CHOICE but to change for the better, too. Every time you feel yourself slipping into all that is wrong in your life, and all the heaviness you feel piling up, immediately shift your focus.  Look around!  Be thankful.  

There is plenty to be thankful for.  If are reading this on your phone or computer, you are already living way better than over 90% of the world. You have nothing to lose.  If it doesn't work, you’re welcome to go back to being weighed down with your crappy, heavy life. Life IS good.   So, lighten up.  

~ Dawn Read

If you need help lightening your load, let us know.  We can help you.

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