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What’s Blowing into YOUR life?

Notice... when you blow up a balloon, what happens? You press it to your lips, blow, and that once deflated balloon EXPANDS; right? Well, what if you were smoking? if your lungs were full of smoke, the balloon expands and fills with smoke, right? Whatever is in YOU ends up in the balloon, and it EXPANDS as you continue to breathe the same thing into it. The same applies to your life. What is INSIDE YOU ultimately expands into your LIFE--NOT the other way around. The balloon doesn't affect your life, you affect the balloon. The life doesn't affect your attitude; your attitude affects your life. The day doesn't affect your thoughts, feelings, actions and words; your thoughts, feelings, actions and words affect your day. So, what are YOU full of? Negativity? Regret? Shame? Guilt? Hurt? The PAST? Love? Happiness? Thankfulness? Dreams? Desires? Because, I promise you, whatever it is that you're mulling over and over in your heart and mind is like inhaling it all into yourself and then expanding it into your LIFE. So, don't be surprised when whatever (positive or negative) thing you can't get your mind off of expands, takes over, and pops, affecting everything in and around you. What are you inhaling, and what are you breathing into your life? Your life happens from the inside, out, friends. It starts, and expands, with YOU. You are NOT a victim, unless you choose to be. No matter what happened, YOU are in control of what happens IN YOU right NOW. YOU ARE in control of what you breathe in to your life. And with your very next breath, you can clear your life, and change the course of the expansion. Decide today to breathe only the BEST into your expanding life. ~ Dawn Read 

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