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Still Waters Run DEEP

Not all of life's high points are wrapped up in the outwardly 'spectacular'. Some of life's highs come from quiet satisfaction brought after time, discipline & 'grunt work' it takes to do a job well. Some come from personal trial and testing; the surviving and thriving that results through a difficulty, challenge or "crisis." But, many, and the true "game-changers," come in a moment of simple solace; being in-tune with your natural surroundings, that pivotal moment in the mirror, or a time when your stillness and awareness took you inward to A Place you have not seen or known In Yourself before. Many do not experience the latter. Many will not be still or quiet long enough for it to happen; relying instead on outward influences: Of advertising telling us what we need to have to "have it all," our "busy-ness" and martyrdom of self-imposed overextension, remaining stuck in some glorious moment of long-ago youth, or living vicariously through others' accomplishments via sports, entertainment, media, politics, etc. If the quality of your life is measured only by the past, outwardly spectacular moments, the acquisition of things, your self-imposed "busy-ness" or the glorious moments of others, you will eventually and consistently find yourself exhausted, frustrated, unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Turn off the world's chatter and influence. Let go of what is no more. Be still. Look inward. The most AMAZING moments will happen for you from the inside, out. ~ Dawn Read Want help going deeper? Hire a PRO See what others have to say! Check it!

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