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Can’t Watch

Unless I am ON the tracks, I won’t waste time watching an actual train wreck, not one single time. So, why in the world would I tune in to see a figurative one happen over and over? It’s why I don’t watch TV. It’s why I don’t jump in and participate in the latest debate on Facebook. It’s why I don’t argue about petty bullshit. It’s why I don’t get sucked into drama. I won’t help with baby steps. Why? Because baby steps are ultimately effective for babies, or those who want to move like babies. Not much energy or momentum is generated for adults at that pace or speed. I won’t attend a pity party. I quit that scene long ago. If people want any of that, I’m just not their girl. In fact, other than getting a breakdown of their current situation, I don’t spend much time listening to others’ problems, because I don’t deal in problems. I provide solutions. It’s what people pay me for—Not baby steps, or hand holding, or talk therapy, or a fucking shoulder to cry on. There are plenty of people, professionals even, more than happy to assist in those areas. In fact, some well-meaning and not-so-well-meaning friends, family, and the occasional “professional,” will help KEEP you there, STUCK, sinking, mired in your problem. So if you’re stuck in your problem, and if you don’t mind staying there for as long as it takes til you figure it out on your own (with the same mind that most likely caused or assisted it), if you want to baby-step your way out, or repeatedly sift through your Contacts List of available shoulders, by all means, go for it. I won’t stop you. But I won’t invest my energy on or in your problem, either. You’re invested enough for the both of us. But, if you’re REALLY TIRED, and you’re REALLY READY, and you REALLY WANT A SOLUTION, and a way to get you down the road of your own life, NOW, then by all means, YES! WE have something to talk about! Let’s set up a time to talk.  

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