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Have You Failed?

Looking back, and maybe having things we feel we mis-judged, screwed up, or might want to forgive ourselves (or others) for, doesn’t mean we FAILED.

It means we are LIVING LIFE:

Trying new things,

Making lots of choices and decisions,

Taking multiple risks,

Changing course.

We don’t always get it all just right. In fact, many times, it appears, at least for a season, as if we screwed ourselves up royally or even permanently.

But, imagine getting everything “just right” the first time, for your entire life.

Just think about it.

How fucking BORING would that be?

Is that why we’re here? To get it all right, and not make a crazy turn or two? (Or more?)


Look at what we’ve already done.

Where did all those crazy choices take us? What did we experience and learn? What have we taught others, as a result?

THERE IS NO FAILURE; only lessons and experiences; learning and growing and evolving.

Go ahead; forgive yourself, or others, if you feel you must; but please don’t take yourself too seriously.

And, by all means, don’t take yourself out of your own game.

Please don’t allow your perceived “failures” to put you on the bench.

You have so much time left!

But even a MINUTE spent paralyzed in fear of a future wrong move, or sidelined in remorse, guilt or shame of anything from your past, is such a WASTE of precious time, right here, right NOW.

So, let it go.

And GO.

You’ve lived a lot of life and learned so much! But every day is new. You’re only just beginning.

So, get up. Dust the shame and the past off your britches. And if you’re scraped up a bit, just rub some dirt on it and get back in the game.

It’s time to learn more; make more “mistakes,” and create more amazing, ridiculous, crazy stories to tell.

(And, if they’re REALLY epic, maybe others will tell them ABOUT you.)

Either way, this isn’t the time to hold yourself back.

It’s your time to get back in the game, and play it, full-on!

~ Dawn Read

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