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Episode 27 "Wanna Get Lucky Again?"

INTRODUCTION Brought to you by Our Amazing Supporters at! And our ASSOCIATE PRODUCER! Nancy and Ted Bowling! WooHOO! SPECIAL thanks to LAURIE ROTH! YOU ROCK!!! Thank you for your support and encouragement to our mission! WE ARE LEADING a GROWING GROUP to AMAZING. Join our MASTERMIND Group with $10/month support (four month minimum required) on We went to Oklahoma! In keeping with EP026 “Wanna Get Lucky?” It all started with a fortuitous phone call from Dawn’s Friend Donnie… Vernon, Texas, Summer’s Last Blast! and ended with a great get together with all of Dawn’s friends and seeing her son, too. Bittersweet, but WAY more sweet than bitter. Dawn let go of the “The Cursed Hows,” as Mike Dooley says “WANNA GET LUCKY AGAIN?” What we’ve discovered about LUCK The Equation that leads to LUCK Is Luck an Internal or External Thing? What needs to happen to create LUCK? 70% of people seem to have lucky and unlucky streaks 20% seem to be chronically unlucky 10% or LESS are consistently LUCKY How to Create AND Cultivate LUCK in your life 1) Intention: Looking for and expecting LUCK, Having your eyes on the END RESULT Examples of How WE used Intention: Episode One Episode Two Episode Three Dawn’s Two Page List of her PERFECT MAN and RELATIONSHIP 2) Letting Go of the Intention and not needing to control HOW 3) Expectation 4) A Change of Thoughts 5) A Change of Speech 6) A Change of Actions Think, Speak, Do The Seed Goes from the Inside to the Outside The Power of Affirmations to Shift the Negative Banter to the Positive Looking at “Negative” events as Positive and Fortuitous 7) AWARENESS of your Thoughts/Words/Actions to INFLUENCE your Present and Future The Importance of A Gratitude Journal The Five-Minute Journal App Tim Ferriss His Book: “The 4-Hour Workweek” There are MANY things you can find to be grateful 8) TAKE ACTION! DO something different, and GO somewhere DIFFERENT. If you’re not lucky where you ARE, MOVE. Shake it up. 9) Say “YES!” to things you might normally say “no” to. Luck is LOOKING for you! Break your unlucky habits.“Yes ManJim Carrey , and his $10,000,000.00 check 10) When Unlucky Weeds pop up, don’t hesitate to PLUCK them. 11) The power of Your Words – Affirmations Stay mentally hooked up with the END RESULT. Why some affirmations DON’T WORK. How to make an affirmation work for you. How to do affirmations. Look for TOKENS to support your vision. Using Gratitude and Creativity to Fuel your Fire. 12) Re-Define what LUCK IS for you, and then ACT on itLife is saying to all of your beliefs, “That’s TRUE FOR YOU." Joel Osteen Every Day is a Friday” If you feel unlucky, you have nothing to lose by trying on new ideas. Internal shifts create External shifts. Incident, Co-Incident, Pattern, LAW. Interpreting events as lucky or unlucky. CONCLUSION: Enjoy the PROCESS! Your life is LUCKY. It’s not the random occurrence you think it is. CLOSING MUSIC If you love what we do, PLEASE support us! Sponsorship starts at JUST $4/Month! PLEASE support us, if we help you!!! iTunes Stitcher Radio Google Play Podcasts! PlayerFM now!!! To Inquire about Individual, Intensive assistance to take your life or relationship from where you are now, to AMAZING, Contact us at and click “Hire a PRO.” In addition to iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher Radio, you can Listen to ALL the episodes on To Hear OUR Amazing Story, Listen To: Episode One, Episode Two, and Episode Three To contact, email us: On Facebook: ​Lucky Read Dawn Read Amazing Living OutCast Crew On YouTube: Amazing Living OutCast Crew Special Thank You to our AMAZING Patrons on


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