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Episode 24 "The Big Mo"


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Check us out at “Hire a Pro”. Our Experience at The Miami International Boat and Strictly Sail Show Why were we there? The Whole Story HERE: Episode One, Episode Two, Episode Three Solar Panels at EMarine Ground Tackle at Mantus Anchors Electronics at B&G Lucky just came off the road. Wanna know what Lucky did before? Read all about it in The BackStage Driver’s Handbook Do something amazing, and you are sure to have Shitty Critics It’s Asses and Elbows for us! Creating and Maintaining Momentum: The Swimming Pool Analogy What happens when that whirlpool moves to an open body of water? The Magnetism of Amplified Energy – Like Attracts LIKE Bob and Jody at Cruising Outpost Magazine The Talk with An Amazing Photographer, Joseph A. Yerkovich Lucky’s Post about FEAR and FAITH What is Courage? “THE BIG MO” Newton’s 1st Law about Motion (Momentum) YOU are the Outside Force “The Obstacle IS the Path” – Zen Proverb How do you know if an obstacle is there to stop or redirect you? What Happens When You Go Back to Your “Fuck Yes! ”The Creation in the CRISIS Episode EIGHT" What is the PURPOSE of your Obstacle? FINALLY! Our Website is workable! People are BINGING on us! The Virtues of Patience The Benefits of Burning the Boats like Captain Hernán Cortés did. Sometimes the Process isn’t Pretty… Dawn’s Example The main difference between Rock Stars and the average but amazing musician Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable | Certainty vs. Uncertainty as BASIC human needs: See Episode Four – Feed The NeedKnow your WHY. Why we do what WE do. How God/The Universe will meet you on your Journey THE NUMBER ONE THING THAT WILL STOP YOU. The Pivotal Moments The Thing All Trail-Blazers have in COMMON. Finding Your Purpose Mike Dooley: “The Cursed Hows” mentioned in his book: “Infinite Possibilities – The Art of Living Your Dreams” Click here, to listen to it, read by the Author, on Audible CONCLUSION JUST DON’T STOP!!! CLOSING MUSIC If you love what we do, PLEASE support us! To Inquire about Individual, Intensive assistance to take your life or relationship from where you are now, to AMAZING, Contact us at and click “Hire a PRO.” To Hear OUR Amazing Story, Listen To: Episode One Episode Two and Episode Three To contact, email us: On Facebook: Lucky Read Dawn Read On YouTube: Amazing Living OutCast Crew Thank you to our AMAZING Patrons on Special Thank You to Our NEW Associate Producer: Nancy & Ted Bowling


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