Episode 25 "Get Rich Quick"

July 17, 2017



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Where we are right now…In the Boat, and in our Progress

We bought STUFF for the boat (and secret weapons!!!)

More Boat Lingo: “Through-Hulls” and “Sea-Cocks”

Our TRIP as Crew from Boca Raton, to Cortez, FL, to Kemah, TX

Our Main Goal: Be outta here by Dawn’s Birthday


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Talking each other “Off the Ledge”

The Benefit of Not Knowing HOW

Mike Dooley and the “Cursed Hows” “The Cursed Hows” mentioned in his book: “Infinite Possibilities – The Art of Living Your Dreams” Click here, to listen to it, read by the Author, on Audible

The Obstacles ARE the Path – Zen Proverb

Getting Perspective and Being an Observer to your own life


Time is relative and illusory


Time speeds up and slows


Pushing a Marshmallow up a hill – Analogy by Jen Sincero


What to do when you feel like Tapping the Brakes


Practicing Perspective


What to do when Interruptions Abound


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What IS Rich?


Money is only ONE source of Richness

What you CAN’T buy with Riches that can Potentially BRING you Riches


“If you don’t bring it here, you won’t FIND it here.” Harrison Ford in “Six Days & Seven Nights


Why you shouldn’t “Pray for Patience”


Why Fear and Faith are two sides of the same coin


Fear AND Faith are a practiced skill


Living EPIC!

The things that Jim RohnStuart Wilde, Jen Sincero and Gary Vaynerchuk have in common


“What I’d do if I had the money…”


“It’s a Good Thing We’re RICH!”


The Difficulty In Being Married to a Life Strategist


“Faithful Are the Wounds of a Friend” (Proverbs 27:6)


The Difference between Edification and Exhortation


The Pivotal Point for Change


The Difference Between Reasons and Excuses


Nic Vujicic TedTalk on Overcoming Hopelessness

Mike Dooley’s Story about Planning the Lottery win


The Secret


Rhonda Byrne


All Roads Lead to where you are


Have a Rich Attitude, FIRST


Neale Donald Walsch


Love is what you Are, not what you GET






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