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Episode 26 "Wanna Get Lucky?"


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We Took a Sailing Trip!

We Splashed S/V Chrysalis!

Sailed on S/V NoAnkor with Michael

Rigging Failures!!!

The Secret Weapon

Lucky wasn’t so Lucky: The Splash (CRASH) Drone Debacle


The Book: “Get Lucky”

The ART and Science of Lucky

Is Luck Controllable?

What IS Predictable about Luck?

What Creates the Environment for Luck to Occur?

Examples of Luck in Our Lives: Episode One, Episode Two and Episode Three

Practical Application Produced Results






Jim Rohn Quote: “Stuff like that Happens to People Like You”

Steve Jobs, and Pixar Films Lucky Break(room)

The Amazing Thing That Happens When Nothing Happens

What Most People Believe About Luck

Getting Outside Your Own Box

If You are Not Lucky Where You Are, Go Somewhere ELSE

The Power of Expectation

What to do when You Hit a Dead-End Road

Why Consistency is a Key to Luck

How to KNOW you are on the EDGE of a Lucky Occurrence

Luck is Quantifiable

A Quiz on Rich vs. Financial Freedom

Why Happy People are Luckier Than Unhappy People

We LOVE our Associate Producer!


There are SOLID and Quantifiable things that Lead to LUCK in the NEXT EPISODE


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