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Episode 23 "No Rules, Just Right"


EPISODE 023 “No Rules, Just Right”


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Why Dawn Looks like Eminem today

Decks Done Soon

Loved our Trip to Punta Gorda

Why Lucky didn’t like most people

Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes and Strategic Intervention

Lucky’s questions about good people and shitty people

How Environment influences a person or social group

The influence of Practice and Time on One’s Attitude

The Power of the Top Five People and influences in your life

The Muscle Car Museum in Punta Gorda

Mopars Against The World Car Show

Why we Love Outback Steak House: “No Rules – Just Right”

Why is everybody PISSED OFF at EVERYTHING?

How we got into the mess we’re in

Nicole Arbour “Modern Day Don Rickles

Why are WE being forced to tolerate the liberal intolerance?

Lines being crossed and drawn everywhere

You’re Either With Me, or Against Me

Why Everyone is AFRAID

A cry for Solutions or Attention?

Why there is really no such thing as STRESS

Throw away your RuleBook

How to know you are on the edge of a BREAKTHROUGH

What to do when life squeezes you…Raiders Movie

Why can’t you just do what makes you HAPPY?

Why More Rules make you More Unhappy

What to do EVERY time you get angry

Why Donald J. Trump will or will not affect your life

Life is Opportunity mixed with Adversity

Where so much anger comes from


1) Make Rules for your OWN behavior and happiness

2) Leave people BETTER than you found them

3) Be the Influencer – NOT the Influenced

4) Don’t be afraid to SHAKE IT UP

5) If it’s not a Fuck Yes, it’s a NO

The Difference between Pain and Suffering

Where an Amazing Life Comes From

Dawn’s Circus Act on the Boat

How to Know if someone is “the ONE”

6) If you don’t know what to do, Do SOMETHING, anyway

7) Don’t hold back—Make EPIC moves

Advice from a Sailing LaVagabonde crewmember

8) Take Responsibility for your Actions (or lack thereof)

9) Keep your Eyes on Your Own Paper

Why you should unfollow, unfriend and BLOCK some of your friends

10) Follow Your BLISS, NOW.




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