Episode 22 "An Amazing Attitude" (Part 4)

January 13, 2017



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It was NIPPLY today! 

Having the decks resurfaced

Caulking, Screwing and Bung Holes, oh my!

Uncle Manny’s Tools of the Trade

Why We’re Recording Before Daylight

Barnacles on the Bottom

The Next Steps for S/V Chrysalis




An Amazing Attitude Is The Start, And Measuring Stick, For An Amazing Life


The Quick Review List:


Episode 19 (Part One):


1.  Own It!

2.  Know what Makes You Insanely Happy and Move Toward it!

3.  Have Gratitude for Everything!

4.  Tell Fear and Your Filters To “Shut the Fuck Up!”

5.  Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!

6.  Break the “Rules!”


Episode 20 (Part Two):

7.  Filter Out The Crap In Your Life!

8.  Find Your Tribe!

9.  Give Back!

10.  Leave a Legacy!

11.  Dream BIG and Follow it!


Episode 21 (Part Three):

12.  Respect Yourself/Draw the Line!

13.  Ignore The Good Opinions Of Others!

14.  Embrace Excellence!

15.  Savour Everything!






What Happens When We Refuse To Deal With Clutter

Our “Stuff” Weighs Us Down and Affects Our Attitudes

What Happens When we Simplify and Let Go of “Stuff”

The Pain and Suffering in “Letting Go”

The “27-Fling Boogie” on FlyLady.net
Tony Robbins on “Chunking

How To Do a Mini De-Clutter of your Closet in Three to Four Minutes

How to De-Clutter your Facebook Page Every Time You Go There




Everything Is Either Adding or Draining Your Energy
Don’t just Slop it out like a Lunch Room Lady!

Sling that Hash!

How to Raise the Energy of Others By Throwing Your OWN

What Happens When You Compliment Others
Who Cut Your HAIR?

“Happy” As A Default Setting
How To Practice Happiness

Life is More Than Keeping It Between The Ditches

Your Energy and Attitude is a BOOMERANG

“Miss SourPuss”

Clearing Clutter from your Emotional Closet

How Your Energy Echoes Back to You




What Happens When You Don’t Have a Compelling Why
Why “Why” Trumps “How”

Lucky’s Post

Why Your New Year’s Resolution is Almost Guaranteed to FAIL

The Power in the Compelling “Why”

What Happens When Failure is Not an Option

The Opposite Force That Keeps You From Your Goal

The Two Happiest Days in a Boater’s Life

Why So Many U.S. Boats are For Sale in Mexico, Virgin Islands and The Bahamas

The Difference Between Wishes and Whys




Making Your Relationship WORK

Playing in a Relationship

Deciding to Play More

Ignoring the Good Opinions of Others in Episode 21

Dawn Wants to be Naked More “Out There”

Stop Listening to others’ and your OWN voices telling you what you should think

Stop Judging and ENJOY

What Fear Does to Play

Living In a Floating Fort

Playing Radio

What Play does To Lift Your Attitude

How Pieces of Your Life Add Up to the Amazing Life

Lonesome Dove

Naked Cowboys!

Lucky did the Naked Burt Reynolds Pose

Lighten Up, People!




Review of List:

1.  Own It!

2.  Know what Makes You Insanely Happy and Move Toward it!

3.  Have Gratitude for Everything and Show it!

4.  Tell Fear and Your Filters To Shut the Fuck Up!

5.  Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff!

6.  Break the “Rules” and Establish Your Own!

7.  Filter out the Crap in your Life!

8.  Find Your Tribe!

9.  Give Back!

10.  Leave a Legacy!

11.  Dream BIG and Follow it!

12.  Respect Yourself!

13.  Ignore The Good Opinions Of Others!

14.  Embrace Excellence!

15.  Savour Everything!

16.  Simplify & Create Space!

17.  Throw your Energy!

18.  Create a Compelling WHY!

19.  Play More! 

An Amazing Life Begins and Ends with an Amazing Attitude!



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