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Episode 16 "Amazing Ain't Perfect"


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Pop Filters

Shock Mounts

Heil PL2T Booms

The Studio Looks Like Two Hippies Live There

Dawn Has Become an “Audio Snob”


Nancy Bowling


Kirsten Tucker

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Amazing Ain’t Perfect: Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be amazing

The Aches and Pains of Playing Like Children as We Age

Complaining as a Habit

Moving In Different Directions

Life Pushing Us to Our Greater Good

The Someday List became the To Do List

How Lucky and Dawn “Came Unhinged”

The Fun of the Spur of the Moment Topics

What To Do When Shit Happens

“Boat Pillows”

Why A Never Ending List Can Be a Good Thing

The Problem with a Plan B

How you Handle Your Glitches is Huge

What Happens when You Stay Loose and Relaxed in Vision

How Problems Create Multitasking and Expanding Skillsets

Problems Create Problem Solving Skills

Stretching Through Problems, Pains, Hardships Creates Flexibility

Attitude Is Number One

You Get Good at What You Practice EPISODE 15

Life’s Problems Don’t Happen TO You

Dawn’s Post on “Row Row Row Your Boat

Life is Trying to HELP You

The Importance of Identifying Patterns in Your Life

The Magic Born in Frustration, Giving Up, and Having Nothing to Lose


The Basic Human Need for Uncertainty EPISODE FOUR

You Are Choosing Your Hardships Most of The Time

Your Attitude Forms Your Life

Focusing on What is Wrong

How Sesame Street Trained us to Focus on What is Wrong

Lucky’s Post about Victim Mentality


Suck it Up, Buttercup

Nothing Changes Until YOU Do

Dawn Is A Clearinghouse for Amazing Thought

What You Focus On Grows

The Man Who Tattooed on himself: “Trump is Not My President

The Danger of Throwing So Much Emotion into What You DON’T Want

The CRITICAL Three Points of Focus Real Time Reporting and Dot Connecting

How Anthony Robbins Connects the Dots

Dawn’s Take On “Fake it Til You Make It”

“Be It, Til You See It” – Dawn Read

Wayne Dyer says, “I’ll See it When I Believe It

“Own the Costume, Become the Character”

Billy Bob Thornton as “Karl” in “Slingblade

Life Problems are Steering You


Pressures and Problems and Discomfort are There FOR You

The Benefit of Relaxing through Problems

It’s Happening to Teach you Something you Could Learn NO OTHER WAY

It’s All About Attitude

It Comes Down to CHOICE

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