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Episode 15 "Good at what you Practice"


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Carrot Cake is SO good! Our Wedding Cake was the BOMB!

We get all our cakes from Publix!

Dawn’s AMAZING Hot Chocolate Sauce Recipe for All our Patrons on

Why Dawn ate Cake All Month in November

Why our Milk is So Cold

Celebrating every meal and moment as an EVENT

The Best Eggs are Made like THIS

Tennessee Pride Hot Sausage is the Bomb

The Benefits of Savoring

Getting Good At What We Practice

The Necessity of Practice In Every Area of Life

Teaching the Discipline and Art of Practice to a Child

How to call a Time-Out in Your Own Life

How Practice Plays in Re-Programming Your “Subconscious Normality”

The Importance of Making Lists

Laura Dekker 16-year old sailor/circumnavigator (Started her voyage at age 14) In the documentary: “Maidentrip

Dawn’s Post about The “Baby on the Bannister” and Learning How to Navigate Obstacles

The Five Minute Journal App

Why Coaching/Training Others is Frustrating at times

You Don’t have to have it all Together to make Amazing Things Happen

Practice happens at the Low Level

How Practice Intensifies The Shift

Try a New Way to Tie Your Shoes

How a Shift in Practice of Thought can have a Profound Impact

Applying Regular Practice can Shift Your Life at Warp Speed

A Life Shift Can Happen at Any Time

Backstage Driver’s Handbook

Russell Westbrook Once Walked onto a Basketball Court for the First Time Some of the Negative Things we Practice

I’ll Be Happy When…

How Dawn Advanced So Quickly in Implementing an Amazing Life

Practicing and Re-Practicing New Skills in Thinking

Practicing Knowing versus Practicing Doing

Practice Makes Way for More “Luck”

Action is Energy

“Mental Fundamentals”

Keep Your Eyes Off your Obstacle

The Legend of Bagger Vance

Getting Off Balance and Off Track, and Back Again Wayne Dyer

Bhagavad Gita


You Get Good At What You Practice

Find that Authentic Part of YOU again

Go Back to the Place That You Got Out Of Practice, and Practice Again

What are You Practicing Right Now?

Practice THINKING, first

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