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Episode 14 "Reactors vs Responders"


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The AMAZING Bikes Dawn bought for their anniversary: Specialized Ruby Elite, and Lucky’s Specialized Diverge DSW

Lucky’s CRASH into Dawn’s old “SLED”

Why Lucky is Now Officially a Cyclist

Dawn’s Unconventional Conditioning Program

Our “New to Us” Used “Ding-Gee” – Walker Bay Sailable/Rowable/Motorable 10’ Dinghy:

We can see the floor again!

Back together and Back in Business!

The Benefits of Being Together Again

How Conflicting Sleep Schedules kept us Off Kilter

Why Dawn Is Restricting Lucky’s Sleep

Reorganizing Our Entire Lives

Reactors Versus Responders

The Election Backlash, Rioting and “Undocumented Shopping”

Bitching and Complaining Happens EVERYWHERE

How to Filter Out the CRAP

Why Neither Trump nor Clinton are “Idiots”

Where Does “Public Opinion” Come From?

Why Sound Bytes Bite

We Would ALL Look Like Jackasses under Media “Scrutiny”

Want to really understand how Trump thinks? Read “The America We Deserve”

The “Lack Mentality” and the effect it has on how we view “the Rich” If you want to increase your value, PROVIDE more value

Gary Vaynerchuk’s WineLibrary TV

The Benefit of Going “one step further”

The Benefits of Being an Information Sponge

Robert KyosakiWhy We Want You To Be Rich

Your abundance/success doesn’t mean others suffer

Sailing La Vagabonde on YouTube and Patreon

The REAL Reason You’re Missing Out on Personal Wealth

How We Create “Value” Doing What We Love

Reporting in “Real Time”

What Makes Us Different from the Average “Guru”

Teaching “On the Fly”

The Quality of Our “World” is Exactly What We Make Up Our Minds For it To Be

The Difference Between Reactors and Responders

Why Reactors are EASY to find and recognize

What Makes Responders Different in ANY Climate or Culture

Jim Rohn’s Farmer/Crop Story

Dealing in “What Is”

Why Responders Flourish in Seasons of Hardship and Change

Jim Rohn: Life is “Opportunity Mixed with Challenge (Difficulty)”

Reasons the Current US Political Climate Change Might Be a Good Thing

Why Dawn Thought CNN’s Anchor at the Map Was the Star of Election Night on ANY channel

The Benefits of Keeping An Open Mind

Re-ACT: To ACT AGAIN, Doing the same action over and over again. (Insanity)

The NUMBER ONE Thing to STOP Doing

We’re all Victims or Re-Actors at some time

How to ensure you Remain a Victim

The Reasons for CHALLENGE and CHANGE


The only thing Constant is Change

“Every Single Lesson sticks around or repeats until you learn it”

If the same things keep happening, there is a REASON.

Life’s struggles are here to HELP you

What can I learn, how can I GROW?

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