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Episode 10 "Simple steps to Amazing" Part 2


Dawn does a strip tease on the show

The S/V Chrysalis’ Breakfast Diner

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Dawn learned a New Skill

Dawn got Dirty

Lucky’s post on Making Dawn an SEX OBJECT & AUTHENTICITY: “One Minute she’s replacing a fresh water pump” (August 30, 2016 post)

You don’t have to be PERFECT to be perfect for SOMEONE

Dawn maintains she is a “20-footer”

It’s a “Fuck Yes” or it’s a “NO”

If you could choose, what would YOU choose?

Most People don’t believe they can have it all

Choosing one or the other instead of everything

Why we compromise

The answer is “Yes”

Deciding what lights you on FIRE

Incorporating what you love about one part of life into EVERY part of life

Washing Dishes with a HOSE

The majority of people are not okay with a deviation from their “norm”

Choosing the Life you WANT and Choosing it ALL

Creating the whole LIFESTYLE from individual elements

Eating Carrot Cake For Breakfast

Lucky has a “Fat Alarm”

The Danger of Lucky not wearing PANTS

Being Happy in your Skin is MORE than what you see in the mirror

Lucky’s Fiasco on the boat

Water OUT, People IN

When you know it is time to make an alteration to your life

Why “Life is Maintenance” Bob Bitchin and Alan Olsen

“I CHOSE this”

You NEVER get sides of the coin

Why you should “Pick Your POISON”

What happens when we listen to the Hype on the Media

The Importance of Putting Things into Perspective

Lin & Larry Pardey and Talesin – The importance of going the OTHER way

Bob and Jody Bitchins “Rogue Wave”

The Bitchin’s Waterspout episode

That’s why it’s called “Terror”

What People in Oklahoma do when there is a Tornado

The Lightning Strike: Dawn “Needed to Make a Post”

How to Have an AMAZING Life

What Lucky is Running From

What to do when Your Life is Not Amazing

Quiet Desperation Quote: “

The Slow Death of Mediocrity

What happens during the “Wake Up Call”

Having “It All” and still wanting “More”

“When You’ve seen One Island, You’ve seen them ALL”

Recognizing when You’re not Living Amazingly

The Desire for Security squelches Adventure, and creates Boredom

Trading Freedom for Certainty

The Benefits of Picking Your Dramas

Live a Movie of a Life that you Actually Want to WATCH

The “Whole Monk Thing”

Why People are Worried about Us

“Rut is a grave with both Ends Kicked out”

The Many Side Effects of Watching TV, etc.

The Placebo Effect

Amazing Living: “Doing What you want, When you want, Where you Want, With Whom You Want”

Lucky Makes Dawn a “SEX OBJECT”

Everyone is Offended these days

Removing Labels

Being Unapologetic

How to Find your Tribe

The Whos in Whoville


The POWER and FREEDOM of Unapologetic Authenticity

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PrRODUCED BY: Nancy Bowling


Kirsten Tucker Laurie Roth


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