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Episode 8 "From Crisis to Creation"


Opening Music and Introduction

Dawn’s Not so Amazing Moments

Catching a BREAK, the HARD way

The Universe has a Sense of Humor

“Come to Jesus Meeting”

Wanting what you can’t have

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THE MOST IMPORTANT SHIFT IN A PERSON’S LIFE The VALUE of the “Mid-Life Crisis” Can happen anytime in the 20 year span between mid 30’s and mid 50’s

What is A Mid-Life Crisis? Conscious versus Unconscious Evaluation Claiming or reclaiming parts of your life

The Typical Behaviors of Someone in a Mid-Life Crisis

“I know what this is! You’re in a Mid-Life CRISIS!”

Being Unreasonable in a Reasonable World

The “Talk” with my friend in Episode ONE

The Major Difference Between Having and Not Having a Mid-Life Crisis

Dawn felt it Coming

Crossing Major Thresholds

Switching ROLES See EPISODE FIVE: Gender Roles

Radically shifting how we do things

Why People Appear CRAZY When They Radically Shift

The Crisis Creates a PLOT POINT/TWIST

The Wake-up Call

Significant Soul Shaking Events Create Dramatic Steps

The Rebound Reaction to the Plot Point

Something has to Change

What Brings About The Shift

The “Biker Mom” that THANKED us


The Question we ask ourselves when the pain is too much

Is Suicide REALLY selfish?

The Beneficial Moment of DECISION in the CRISIS

Hearing Voices

Ego vs. Spirit Distinguishing the difference

What exists on the other side of the crisis?

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

Setting Aside Labels

What to do when you don’t know what to do

“What if everything you believe about everything is WRONG?”

The Shift in BELIEF

How your beliefs serve you

Accelerating the Process

“If I knew then what I know NOW”

MY MID-LIFE CRISIS,” Written by Dawn Read , find the original text HERE

Deciding WHAT TO DO with the Crisis when it HITS

The Danger of “Playing it Safe”

Being Honest About Your Own Bullshit

The DECISION that MUST be made

Coming to Grips with your “Reality”

The Message in the Mess

A LIFE Crisis Creates Keen Awareness

Crisis Forces CHANGE

What “I know” REALLY means

How We Write Off the Subtle Messages

Does the Crisis ever just “happen?” The RESET is GOING to happen

Lucky plays Devil’s Advocate




Is Luck REALLY just LUCK?

Is Bad Luck really BAD?

Creating The Environment for Crisis

“Balancing the Scale” in Life

Knowing what to THINK and DO about YOUR Crisis

Something HAS to Change The DANGER in DELAY

“It’s always SOMETHING”


Becoming a Master Thrivalist

Remember: The Crisis is NOT for your Destruction

The Plot Twist is Getting Where YOU ULTIMATELY NEED to Go

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Lucky Read

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