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Episode 3 "Dreams to Reality"


Amazing Living Introduction and Music Go to: for your Website/App Needs. They’re the SHIT!

Last Week’s (Episode)

Stripping Away pieces of our life and self

The Search and the Crazy Cosmic Ridiculousness

Bob and Jody Bitchin – Instrumental in the Process

Other People’s Paradise Latitudes and Attitudes

Cruising Outpost Magazine

Met Bob and Jody at the St. Pete Boat Show: Why Lucky Liked Bob Bitchin

Bob never had a “Real Job”

All the things he did, all the things he loves

Who did Dawn Like?

Bob and Jody Bitchin

Bob and Kaye Steadman “Cruising with Bettie":

Ahmed and Lena Agrama – Sea of Love Productions on YouTube:

Lin and Larry Pardey

The Difference between them all

“I Can’t recommend Decadence as a way of Life, but it works for ME.”

The Difference between the Bitchins and the Pardeys

Being a Purist: Dawn Pulls the Cork

Dawn Doesn’t Give a Shit

What Decadence Means to Dawn – Lin’s Example

Bob and Kaye at Cruising With Bettie – The Film Style and Their Crazy Adventure

Lena and Ahmed Agrama at Sea of Love Productions

Their Sensuality, Diving with Sharks, and Getting Busy

Associating with Others, Appreciating the Similarities, bringing our

Personalities to Cruising

Monitizing on a Life We Love,

Finding our Niche

Bringing the Best of all Under one Roof

Blowing Everyone out of the Water

Shopping for A BOAT: The SEARCH

Sailing, Cruising and Liveaboard Pages on Facebook

Specific Attributes Lucky and Dawn were Looking for in their Boat

World Cruiser, Capable of Crossing Oceans

Room for Provisioning


Heavy Displacement – Not Fast, but handle weather

Thick Hull

Full Keel Tracks well

Double Ender – Canoe Stern allows water around

Center Cockpit – steering in Middle instead of back and Aft Cabin

Cutter rig – Two headsails

Brands of Boats we Loved





Tai Ching



Hans Christian

Why? Overbuilt, Heavy duty, Like the Cars Dawn Likes

How Dawn Handled a Tropical Storm in S/V Chrysalis

So MANY boats, choosing a 30 year old boat ON Purpose

The Properties of Fiberglass in the 70’s & 80’s

The Craftsmanship of Older Boats

How Older Taiwanese Boats Were Built

First up: The Slocum 43 – A Serious Contender

In Virginia – A Hellacious Winter

We Sail Where the Butter Melts

Owner Made a Difficult Purchase

The Benefit of the TIMELINE and SPECIFICITY in Manifesting

Create urgency

But, Loosen the Grip

Holy Shit, This WORKS!!

Lucky Set the DATE: Sleeping on the Boat by DECEMBER 15th

The Safety of Setting the Reasonable Goal

The voice of the “Yeah, BUT”

The Slocum – She was MASSIVE

Difficulties Arise in the Purchase

Heading Home – Watching Down the Rabbit Hole

“This Could Really Happen!”

The Deal Falls through and Hopes are Dashed

Back to the Drawing Board

Releasing and Moving On: NEXT

How We Justify Losses

Talking Ourselves into and out of Anything

Lucky Receives a Private Message – Another Boat!

The Gulfstar 47

The Florida Search: A Shotgun Blast

The Bruce Roberts – the SHIP

The Vagabond 42 – Catching the Dream from a Dreamboat

Clearwater Beach – Lucky’s Dream Location

The Beauty and the Pain of a Neglected Classic

The Spindrift 43 – Riding the Roller Coaster

Why you Never See a Sprindrift on the Market

The Dizzying Online Search Dang! She’s Pretty Cool

Lucky Humors Dawn’s Idea and Agrees

The Spindrift Has ALL the Criteria – Is this the Boat?

Lucky is in Love – With the BOAT

Dawn Wasn’t Impressed – Doesn’t “Fit”

How Lucky knew to Back off – “Get Her On Board” by Nick O’Kelly

We Pass on the Spindrift

The Gulfstar 47 – A “Million Dollar” yacht

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

A King Sized Bed and Mirrors on the Ceiling!

Dawn Starts Drinking During the Show: Diseño Malbec – “GREAT Everyday Drinker

Dawn Breaks the News on the Last Night in Florida: “Don’t be Mad at Me”

Call the Broker – We Need a Second Look

Our Amazing Broker: Alan Pressman at Windswept Yacht Sales in Sarasota:

Lucky Shits His Pants and Does the Happy Dance

Dawn Tries on the Spindrift One More Time

“I think this is our Home!”

The Seller’s Loss of Identity

Flying through the brokers – “They’re All Schmucks!”

Letting Go of a Dream and Passing it On to Us

The Boat Survey – Home Inspection/Appraisal

She’s Solid As a Rock

Sneaking Aboard Overnight

The Alarm Sounds!!

“I will be Sleeping on My Boat by December 15th at 10:00 p.m.”

The Danger of Applying Logic and Reasonable Thinking and Logic to our Dreams


Get your Head out of the Way

What Happens when You Share Your Dreams with Others

Listening to our own Brain Banter

Lucky and Dawn Both Get a Two-for-One


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