Episode 2 "Dreams For Sale"

June 24, 2016


Amazing Living Introduction and Music

Studio Dancing!

Improvising the Studio Aboard S/V Chrysalis

Will there be a Make-Out Session?

Review of Episode One – The Cosmic Ridiculousness

Selling Everything

      The Wreck and Realizations

                  The One-Year Window – Injuries and Inventory

                  Impact on Business

                  Riding Horses Impossible

                  Property Upkeep Impossible

                  The Hard Decisions

            The First Release of “Self”

                  50 years of History – 30 tubs to 2 Banker’s Boxes

                  Painful and Freeing – Feelings of Release

            Nuts and Bolts of Letting Go

                  Cash Flow and Assets

                  Assessment of Commitment and Time Frame

                  Flutter-Stepping and Running through the Open Doors

                  From Seven Years of dreaming, to Taking Immediate Giant Steps

                  Combining Two Dreams to One

            Reasons For Releasing

                  Relieving Pain for Others

                  My Days Were Numbered

                  Following the Heart versus Good Advice of Others

            Letting Go – The Pain of the Dying Dream

                  Why Repeatedly Lean in to Pain?

                  The Need for Flutter Steps/Moving Quickly

                  The Dream Had Died – Or, did it?

                        The Tedious Task of Releasing

                        Releasing Things the Memories They Hold

                        Trading Tangible “Security” for The Etheric

                        Sailing CAN Work Despite Dawn’s Injuries – Hope and Faith for Another Dream to Grow

                        Liveaboard Life Sersus Landlocked Life

                        So, How Can Letting Go Be Less Painful? 

                  Death of a Dream versus Transplanting It

                        Changing Perspective to Take Control of a Difficult Process

                        Let it all Go at Once – Riding on Faith

                        Will $1,000 Matter to You?

                        How to Benefit Everyone

                        Letting the Whole She-Bang GO for a Grand – A Price to Pay

                        Release the Dream to Live in Someone Else

                  No-Longer a “Horse Person” – Releasing Self Imposed Labeling

                  Multiple Uses for Riding Crops!

                  Throwing Out Intentions to the (Facebook) Universe

                  The Immediate Magic of Synchronicity!  More Cosmic Ridiculousness

                  The Pain and Happiness of Watching it All Load Up

                  We can Convince ourselves of ANYTHING

            The “Hendriex Homestead”

                  The Lifestyle and Notoriety – Why The Place was Special

                  The Feeling and Value we Put Into “Things”

                  The Magnetism and Emotion of Love

                  Releasing “Security”

                  How Nesting Created Walls That Held Dawn in Place

                  “Dawn’s Worldly Possession Sale”

                        Transferring Energy and Experiences

                        Dwindling Security and Unraveling of Self

                        “Oh My GOD, She’s Really Doing it” – A Friend Steps In

                        Security is a “Mind Game”


                        Give it Away While We’re Still Alive to Enjoy it

                        The Irony of Emotional Attachment

                        Dawn’s Stuff Becomes Others’ Stuff

                  “The Karma Sale”

                        The Shit Has Got to GO!

                        The House is Almost Empty

                        Dressing up a Concept In Different Ways

                        What is a Karma Sale?

                              What Can you Live With?

                              Getting Ripped Off AND Coming Out Ahead

                              “Mind Games” and How They Serve Us

                  Philosophy – Implied Versus Applied

                        Practice Makes Magic

                        Giving Things “Space” – Objectivity, Time and Distance

                        Perspective Shifts

                  A Phone Call From a Friend

                        Starting From Scratch – A few Clothes in a Sack

                        The Throw-All Room – Take it ALL

                        The One Room Left That was Still Intact

                        “It’s ALL GOING:  I’m So Uncomfortable!”

                              Why is This So Difficult?  Lucky Nests While Dawn “Cleans House”

                              “Lucky’s Craft Hour”

                              “Home is Where The Heart Is”

                              Why is she So Freaking Upset? 

                              Leaning Into the Pain – Again

                        Breaking for Lunch

Do you have a Bed?
More Cosmic Ridiculousness and Synchronicity!

The Sweetest Moments of Letting Go of EVERYTHING

Watching Another’s Dreams Grow

            Lucky’s Turn!

                  Full-On Identity Crisis

                  The Confrontation: Intellectualizing an Emotional Release

                  Releasing Identity Attachments

                  The Pain and Pleasure of Release

                  Feeling Lighter

                  The Momentum Shift

                  The Weight of Stuff


      How Do You Want to FEEL about your Life?

      Letting Go Feels Insurmountable/Painful – at the Time

      Don’t Run From It – Lean Into It

      Peeling The Layers – More Bliss or Pain?

      It’s All About FEELINGS

      The Weight of All the Things We Have and Do

      You CHOOSE Your Feelings

      No Regrets!



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