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Fasttrack To Freedom

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The key to creating financial freedom and wealth, is learning how the system works, and working it...

Where To Start...

Do you feel like you're working harder to earn more money; yet, still struggling just to keep up?
Do you understand why?
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Money doesn't simply disappear. 

It changes hands.

But, whose hands does it move to? And WHY?

It's astonishing what you begin to understand when you know where to look.
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The money in my Pension was dwindling, month-after-month. When I learned why, I was able to take control of my funds; and as a result, my money is working harder than ever, for me. Now, I can sleep again, without all the worry. 


Susan S.

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Why Are We Sharing This Information With You?

For over 40 years, we worked hard, paid our taxes, saved our money, loaded up our 401k's, IRA's, and did what we were told was the "Responsible" thing to do, while our Government behaved in the most reckless and irresponsible manner, imaginable. 

We witnessed businesses, Wall Street firms, and banks committing atrocities against the very people they were supposed to be helping; only to receive a slap on the wrist; or even worse, our government providing them with bailout money, while completely ignoring the losses of the actual victims.

So, we began trying to understand why, or even how, could this happen...

Fast forward to Spring, 2020, when the world came to a halt. Within less than one year, everything we had saved was GONE!

And, again, the question, "How could this happen?"

Since then, we became almost obsessed with learning where all that money went, who was responsible, and most importantly, what we could do to ensure that never happened again.

Within only a few years, with much of what we are including here, we were able to create the kind of freedom and life we used to be jealous of; something we were unable to accomplish over the previous 40 years of hard work, alone.

We learned, there are two sets of rules:  the rules of the rich, and the rules for everyone else. 

Most importantly, we learned that you don't have to be rich, to play by their rules. 

Our PERSONAL MISSION is to help educate as many people as possible, about how to play by the rules of the rich; and thereby create lasting wealth and freedom.  

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For years, I was doing everything I knew to do. But, at age 55, I found myself starting over, AGAIN. Once I learned how money REALLY worked, and began implementing new strategies, everything started shifting for me. Today, my money works for ME, rather than me working for it. And, my net worth is growing faster than I ever thought possible. 


Joey McIninch

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What Do You Know About Money?

Most people know very little how the current monetary and banking system actually works; or how it was designed to keep you on their treadmill, and too busy to question WHY.


It doesn't take a genius to see that the old system is crashing. 


And, as a new economy is introduced; while MANY people will be financially wiped out, you don't have to be one of them.

But, you're going to need different answers than the ones you've been getting. And, in order to get different answers, you're going to have to ask better quality questions.  This is why we wanted to introduce you to some new people, ideas, and strategies you've most likely never heard of.

The rich look to many of these people for insight and direction. They are not only unaffected by the news; but they are responsible for MAKING the news. 

We want EVERYONE to learn what we know, and see that they can repeat our results. 


If you haven't yet taken our 20-question Financial IQ Quiz, please take a quick few minutes to assess where you stand; so you have a good starting point on which to build.

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I hadn't looked at my 401k in over six months. I when I finally did, I was in shock at how much was NOT there. After learning more about my own money, and getting control of it, it's now performing better than I ever imagined. 

Virginia M.

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Links to...

  • The Hidden Secrets of Money

  • Interviews with compassionate, philanthropic billionaires and experts, who've built their own exceptional wealth, and helped others to do the same. 

  •  Books and audio programs which radically shifted our money and wealth consciousness.

  • Key YouTube channels that helped shape our thinking and life, so we could envision and experience life in a grander way. 

  • Additional resources to assist YOU in living the life you truly deserve. 

when you join our email campaign, will be the following...  

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I had no idea how much money I was actually losing; month after month, year after year. The information from these resources completely changed the way I view money, and my ability to put my money to work, and earn a whole lot more! 

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Ron Jones

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Complete the form below, and we'll send you our personal collection of some of the most valuable resources responsible for changing our lives, and the lives of countless others who followed in our footsteps. 

One Last Note: It's VERY common for people to not value things they don't pay for. It is also common for well-intentioned people to acquire information, but never use it.


We cannot stress enough how valuable this information can be in turning your financial future from one of uncertainty and trepidation, into what could be that absolute best years of your life. 

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As a single woman, I only had myself to rely on. There was no knight in shining armor to save the day. And, at the rate my money was bleeding out in my retirement fund, I feared I'd be working until the day I died, if I didn't do something to make it stop. I am SO GRATEFUL to have been led to these resources, which have been instrumental in my understanding of money, how it works, my mindset around it, and the power I had to change my future.

Amber B.

Our Personal Message To You:

We are SO EXCITED for you to take your next steps to live the full, dynamic life on your own terms that you were meant to live.

We feel we've all been misled for too long, left to blindly struggle through life; while some did not use their wealth to empower us, but to control and subdue us. We also believe in the goodness of some amazing wealthy people, who understand there is enough for everyone, and who wish to leave a legacy of wealth for mankind.

So, it is with the deepest love and respect, that we share what has been so instrumental in changing our own lives, in the hopes that you will use it to help change your own. 

All our love and best wishes...


Fast Track To Freedom

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