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Deepali Mahajan

San Francisco, CA.

"Dawn and Lucky are nothing short of life saviors. They have literally been the guiding and molding forces behind the amazing life I am living right now. 

When I started the program with them, I was full of fear, self-doubt and low self-worth.  But, they helped me discover my new true self!  

The people I interact with on a daily basis have seen a 180-degree change in me. 

Dawn is full of energy and has this contagious positive vibe that just rubs onto you the more you interact with her. She is a blessed writer, and her words really hit home. Lucky is a master strategist, with unique and uplifting strategies to deal with any and all of life’s situations. 

Dawn and Lucky define happiness; and are so passionate about life.  They want you to be passionate about yours, too. 


They are the magic pill you need to turn things around in your life. 


I love them so much!”

Nathanael Sutterfield

World Traveler

"I’ve been to Thailand, India, Russia, Alaska by motorcycle, and a half a dozen other countries. Almost died a few times. And this was a primary motivator to find these types of people--the kind that have lived a lifetime of experiences with open eyes, and can give you a gift in 15 minutes that will change EVERYTHING forever!"

There are many things in life we spend 90% of our effort on. Finding people worth knowing is one of only a few things I’ve found to be worth anything.

If you ever get a chance to work with them, they will 100% live up to every expectation you had, reading their posts or listening to their podcasts.

Angie Harris

Henderson, TX.

"Last night I had a little meltdown! Wanna know what’s cool about that!? Before I knew about Dawn & Lucky, that would have been a major event, lasting for days! With what I’ve learned from them, I was able to stop it, and turn it around, quickly! Their lessons are life changing, and they are definitely leaving people better than the found them."

Bill Bruno

Rock Hill, SC

"It takes a bold commitment to step off the program of the norm and actually live. Dawn and Lucky not only are setting sail to live life, but have chosen to bring along with them like-minded individuals through their inspiration and coaching. Their very real and unfiltered podcasts, posts and videos show a raw unscripted and passionate truth that is not typical of your everyday life coach or motivational speaker. They are very honest people who are not pushing a sales pitch. They are truly inspiring. I am thankful that they are giving me guidance on my path to an Awesome Life. "

Nancy Bowling - Life Changer

Duncan, OK.

I feel honored, and blessed to have join forces with Dawn & Lucky. DAWN has touched my life in a way I can NOT talk about without getting emotional. And, LUCKY is amazingly profound and precious, TOUCHING hearts and lives with his wisdom and heart!!!

THESE two are REAL, and are called upon to change lives. I know it! They know it! And, you will know it too, when you allow them to transform you, through their power to connect, their wisdom, and ability to simplify the complex. 


I cherish these two Amazing People, and all they are doing for humanity. 

Tonya Iliff

West Valley City, UT.

“Dawn & Lucky have helped me so much. I'm no longer a truck driver. I'm now an instructor, teaching people to drive a semi; something I have loved all my life. I even did something for myself, I had gastric sleeve surgery for better health, and I've lost over 100 pounds. I'm on the road for big changes. THANK YOU.  You both are very special…” 

Sharon Kay Coleman

Rhome, TX.

"A little over a year ago I was STUCK. I had years of baggage, 6 failed marriages, the loss of my 5-year-old nephew, anger, bitterness & steeped in negativity. Then I started applying Dawn & Lucky’s wisdom to my life. I removed toxic people & toxic thoughts from my life & mind. I let go of the baggage. I started focusing on making me a better me. I am no longer STUCK. I am free from my past. I am so grateful for this journey. If anyone has doubts about their lives, please listen to Dawn & Lucky Read! They truly set me on a path of peace. I really, really, really, want them to know how much they have done for me. Dawn & Lucky Read were God sent at a very crucial time in my life."


Chrissy Heim Mathews

Miami Heights, IN

"I have been living what I thought was an amazing life for many years. But the real talk I have received from Dawn and Lucky has given me the tools, and courage, to stretch even further."

Fred (Dr. Squat) Hatfield - PhD & World Record Power Lifter

Tampa, FL.

“These two are doing some beautiful stuff! Congratulations!”  

Kristie Cotton

Duncan, OK.

“If y'all wanna figure out how to have a kickass life, just go check out Dawn and Lucky Read’s radio show!!!  It's AMAZING!!!  These two are just regular people like you and me, but they have some wonderful insight, and they don't sugar coat anything, they tell it like it is!!  They have a wonderful story to tell along the way of helping you reach your dreams!  Go check em out!!!  I dare you!”  

Rachel Redding

Mobile, AL.

The world needs more of Dawn and Lucky. They are a dynamic duo, and their everyday life is a living testimony that is inspiring others, and they are changing lives. 


These two always have the exact words of inspiration and encouragement that I needed at just the right moment, and it removed whatever was blocking my progress, then catapulting me forward to keep kicking ass, and continuing to keep creating an amazing life.

You only live once, and these two sure know how to show people the way to create Amazing! I am truly blessed by all that they do! 

Kirsten Tucker - Life Coach

Chattanooga, TN.

God Bless Lucky and Dawn.  The world is taking me on an amazing and wild f*cking ride.  Finally my hands are up enjoying the wind, and embracing the freedom.

Thank both of you.

Tammi Palmer-Wedertz

Oceanside, CA.

These two are a true inspiration, tell it like it is, in your face, caring, full of love individuals, that aren't only speaking about, but actually living and sharing how to live, an abundant, crazy great, Amazing Life.

Dave Spier

Collinsville, IL.

"I am so impressed with what Lucky and Dawn are accomplishing. Their videos and your podcasts are amazing."

Ariane Michaud

Ottawa, ON. CANADA

"Such an inspiration!!! Their energy is amazing and just adorable! More please!!!”  

Laurie Roth

Ft. Meyers, FL.

“Awesome... Thank you again for sharing your story and for bringing it to us. It is very deep and encouraging, and demonstrates that Love can conquer all, no matter what you have and/or do not have, but to know...and have a Desire so strong that you Act on it then share it with the World is Awesome...Just shows that no water is too deep to tread, and no tread is too wide to pass... Just go for it.” 

Jerry Raymond

Birmingham, AL.

"Dawn and Lucky have helped keep my wife Dawn and I on track. They taught us NOT to have life dreams, but have life goals. Dreams are something you wish and hope for; goals are things you pour your time, effort, money, and soul into to make happen. I look forward to everything these two positive, motivated, and awesome people put out. Every one needs their brand of truth, love, and humor, in their lives, and Dawn & Lucky are our brand."

Shelly Smigel

Redlands, CA.

“While they were not what I originally expected, they were exactly what I needed! Their willingness to share their story by re-living the past, to be vulnerable, show their emotions, their authenticity...that is what drew me in. While I had already started my own journey of change, their no nonsense approach made me ask myself the hard questions: If not now, when? When do I become important “enough” in my own story? Why am I settling in an unhappy existence? They have inspired me to make that jump, even when it is difficult - I know it is the right one. I am happier today than I was yesterday. Tomorrow I will be even happier. And so it shall be.”

Angie Castle Csucsai

Statesville, NC.

"I promise that if you listen to these two, your going to find at least one thing you can relate to. They have been very helpful to me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing Dawn Read and Lucky."

Terry Moreland

Bradenton, FL.

“I applaud these two wonderful people for being willing to bare their  lives and souls to be that push...Thank you both for putting your lives...experiences...failures and well as your "wild" dreams on display for the world to see.


Your efforts are helping all of us who need them."

Sunny Smith Pollock  

Duncan, OK.

“Amazing Living is where it's at and if you haven't been following along with Dawn Read and Lucky Read then you're behind! Jump in and get on the same page. NOW.”  

Larry Johson

Boynton Beach, FL.

“Man, what a great show.  I'm looking forward to every Friday now.  Y'all will make my return trip back home from Dallas more enjoyable now.”  

Helen Hover

North America

"No pushing, no preaching, just living and sharing. You show me that even though our circumstances and financial situations may be different. Our past experiences may different. We can still all be Happy, if we CHOOSE to be. You two remind me that I’m not alone.


Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences, in hopes of touching other broken souls."

Sabrina Schaefer

Drewsey, OR.

"There is something about the authenticity, the chemistry, and enthusiasm of Dawn & Lucky that makes amazing goals seem obtainable, and reminds me daily that we owe it to ourselves (and our family) to live intentionally.

On top of all that, I think their accessibility and genuine personal interaction is what has been the most impactful for me."

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