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Lucky Read

Who is Lucky?


I suppose that could depend on who you asked, and when you asked them. At times he has been on top of the world and loving life to the fullest, and at others he has been drug through the dirt, deceived, betrayed and left for dead. The stories of pain and injustice are nearly as long as his list of accomplishments. But in the end, he’s a believer.


If there is one other quality that has helped to raise him above every challenge, it is his innate ability to accept complete responsibility. With every setback he saw an 



Dawn & Lucky Read

Throughout our lives, we both always strongly believed it important to enrich others' lives too.  Helping others prosper has been a driving force for us.  We wanted to leave a mark that left those around us better than we found them.  


For decades, on our separate paths, we demonstrated in our personal and professional lives and built successful practices around our desire to motivate, educate and inspire people to the best versions of themselves. 


For many years, we've danced to a different beat; and people from all over continue to ask us how we do what we do.  We have been sought out for advice and guidance in just about every area of life.  


In 2014, all we lived and learned and experienced in life culminated in our meeting.  And in that meeting, Life lit the afterburners for us!


Now, together, we offer even MORE than we ever could separately.  We bring an even broader education, experience, skill and insight base to each other; and now, to you.  


And we have a freaking blast doing it!



opportunity for change and growth. In the process he had learned the keys to success, and will tell you they are the exact opposite of everything we have been taught by society and the media, and once we understand and apply them, we meet life with a new confidence, enthusiasm and renewed faith.


Lucky, started his professional life in Show Biz. At age of eighteen he began working with (then) local Hollywood bands such as Joshua, DuBro aka Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, Rat, and many others. He also drove limousine for Georgia Frontiere, the owner of the Los Angeles Rams football team. He soon got his class A chauffeur’s license and began driving 18 wheeler's hauling band gear and equipment while touring around the country for various artists on US and Canadian tours.


While on the road, rather than chatting it up on the CB radio or listening to the stereo as most do, Lucky submerged himself into self-help audio programs and personal development. After several years Lucky made the crossover into driving Entertainer Coaches, moving him even closer to the personal lives of many of the artists, bands and crews he worked with. It has often been joked about, that driving a tour bus is 20% driving and the remaining time being that of a house keeper, sounding board, psychiatrist, mother, and priest. Lucky ads “if it were only a joke”. More and more Lucky was becoming a source of counsel for many who were living the fast paced life of sex, drugs and rock and roll. This was the beginning of what would eventually become a life coaching quest.


In 2009 Lucky began writing                                                                                    , along with help from family member and lifelong friend Duane Kottmann. Their intention was to increase the level of competence of new blood wanting to get into the business and reduce the level of incompetence from those whose motives were more about partying with the stars than performing a job well done. In addition to writing and self-publishing the book, Lucky also created the BackStageDrivers website. He also created the logo and all artwork for the project, wrote and produced all videos for the website with help from model/friend Shawna Lynn Baker.


Later in 2009 Lucky came up with the idea for the Sexy Bitch Edition chrome automobile emblems; shortly thereafter created the Bad Ass Edition, Princess Edition, and many, many more. The end of 2009 gave birth to the idea of creating AutoVisionz, a company dedicated to exploiting the personalities of people and their vehicles with these new products he called Personality Emblems.


In 2012 Lucky formed a partnership with an investor and Autovisionz went from a business idea into an actual company. AutoVisionz still produces personality emblems today, however Lucky left the company in 2013 in an effort to change his lifestyle and pursue his desire to Life Coach, which was much more in line with his laid back, No Stress mantra.


In 2014 Lucky entered into the Robbins-Madanes Training Center, which is an in depth Strategic Intervention and advanced life coaching training program established by life coaching king himself, Tony Robbins and critically acclaimed psychotherapist Cloe Madanes. 


When not working with bands, developing business or coaching people, Lucky stays busy living and loving life. In addition to his entrepreneurial spirit, he is also a kid at heart and can be found pursuing his passions of sailing, surfing, skateboarding, jogging, playing guitar, graphic arts, film making and photography. At 51 there is no sign of slowing down for this enthusiastic, over the top, lightning rod.


Lucky’s driving career has gone on to amass a resume spanning nearly 30 years. Below is his list of super stars he has worked with and/or toured with:


Rock: Elton John, Beach Boys, Brian Adams, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, Allanis Morrisette, Gun & Roses, Morissey, Foo Fighters, Blink 182, The White Stripes, Bon Jovi, Indigo Girls, Motley Crue, Aero Smith, Yes, Rolling Stones, Stevie Nicks, Ted Nuggent, U2, 311, Crossfade, Santanna, Wolf Mother, Cage The Elephant, Spinal Tap, Bob Dylan, Steve Miller Band, Eric Clapton, Don Henley, The Allman Brothers Band, John Hiatt, George Thorogood, Face to Face, Nickelback, Anthrax, Helloween, Night Ranger, Quiet Riot, Slaughter, The Devil Wears Prada, Lynyrd Skynyrd, ZZ Top, Kid Rock.


Country: Kenny Chesney, Litttle Texas, Tim McGraw, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, George Straight, Brooks & Dunn, Jesica Simpson, T Graham Brown, Mark Wills, Darius Rucker, Kentucky Headhunters, Phil Vassar, Dierks Bentley, Mark Chesnutt, Craig Morgan, Josh Turner, Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire, Rascal Flatts, Willie Nelson, Jason Aldean, Sons of the Desert, Keith Urban, Taylor Swift, Keith Anderson, Darryl Worley, Alison Krauss, Lorrie Morgan, Eric Church, Jake Owens, Hank Williams Jr., Johnny Reid, Sarah Darling, Billy Currington, The Henningsen’s, Uncle Kracker, Ricky Skaggs, Leann Rimes.


Pop: Christina Agulara, Destiny’s Child, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson.


Hip Hop: Nelly, Cypress Hill, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Nsync, LMFAO, Pretty Lights.


Contemporary: Seal, Neil Diamond, Diana Ross, Earth Wind & Fire, Micheal Bolton, Paul Anka, Bette Middler, Phil Collins, Katie Melua.


Christian: Joshua, Shout, Amy Grant, Kirk Fanklin, Plus One, Michael W Smith, DC Talk, Audio Adrenaline, Mercy Me.


Other: Dailey & Vincent, Cheyene, Luis Miguel, Enrigue Iglacias, WCW Wrestling, Disney On Ice, Medeski Martin & Wood, Il Devo.

Who is Dawn Read?


On the surface, for the last two decades, Dawn Hendriex has acted as a clearinghouse for information; debunking myths, exposing truth, and providing direction, education, motivation and inspiration for thousands to achieve their own "Personal Best" status.  Under that surface, though; her primary goal has always been to promote and facilitate profound, positive and permanent results for her clients--from the inside, out.  

For 16 years, as a fitness trainer, coach and mentor, she owns and operates “Personal Best”, her company devoted to physical, personal and professional excellence.  Seven years ago, she opened 


Dawn Read

Personal Best Gym, and took her own desire for personal excellence to new levels; by breaking away from the norms of typical gyms she became frustrated working with; and instead, finally doing it “her way”.  Dawn’s approach to creating the best gym experience, focusing on the specific needs for her clients, began from working in and observing gyms nationwide; studying what worked and what didn’t, and ASKING clients and customers all over the country what they wanted (and didn’t want) in their gym experience...then creating a place where people now go for fitness, education, support, privacy, motivation, freedom, energy and FUN.


Dawn’s mission has always been to create change in the WHOLE person—not just on the outside.  In most recent years, though, Dawn’s focus has shifted and narrowed even more.  By challenging and expanding her clients’ thought-process and belief systems, about themselves and life around them, helping sort through and prioritize their life’s stresses and demands, assisting in developing and implementing solid strategies for dealing with them; and networking with other professionals in medical, mental health and alternative medicine, she has facilitated profound INTERNAL change in many of her clients.  


Working herself “out of a job” is her goal with every client.


Over the years, Dawn’s news articles, blogs and writings, motivational and educational speaking, seminars, and company, classroom and individual teaching and coaching have inspired many to reach physical, personal and professional goals, far beyond even their own expectations.


When Dawn isn’t changing the lives around her, she’s changing her own!  After spending the last several years helping others out of the box, she decided to radically break from her own; by leaving landlocked Oklahoma (literally selling the farm) after 26 years, and moving aboard their 1982 Spindrift, a 43-foot sailing yacht on the west coast of Florida.  Although, still traveling to Oklahoma to service her existing business, she spends many days working toward and living the dream life she still motivates others to achieve, now through example, from the beaches of Sunny Florida; and soon, from around the world.




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