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We are NOT Life Coaches

Don't get us wrong, coaches are GREAT for learning a particular set of SKILLS.  There are tennis coaches, quarterback coaches, backfield coaches, batting coaches, golf coaches, business coaches, relationship coaches, life coaches, and the list goes on.


But, of all of these different types of coaches, Life Coaches seem, at least from the outside, to be the most unique. This is because, for the most part, all of the others are needed, only while engaging in that one particular activity.


But, we are ALWAYS engaged in LIFE.


However, the similarities for all of them, including typical life coaches, all come from a single question:


"What would I have to DO in order to have the person, thing, or experience I desire?”


The problem with DOING, is it requires constant attention, vigilance, and a very high degree of focused performance, to stay on top in one small focused area of life. 


It is the very reason a professional athlete can excel to great heights, for a time, at his or her sport; but fall into a world of mediocrity, or even great despair, once their career is over.


Yet there are some athletes who go on to even greater heights in a new career, or several.


So, what's the difference?


Mental and emotional STRATEGIES. 


And, that's where WE come in. 


You see, we don't teach people basic SKILLS to acquire things, relationships or experiences.  Instead, we teach people the needed emotional and mental thought patterns in order to BECOME the person who would have such a life,  with those things, relationships and experiences.


Did you catch the profound difference?


It's a subtle one, but an extremely important one.


So, we'll say it again. 


Coaches teach skills to get a particular thing you want. We teach you how to BECOME THE PERSON who would BE, DO and HAVE what you want. 


Why is difference so important?  Because hiring a “coach” to help you become a great quarterback in no way assures, once your quarterback career is over, that you will be prepared to be great in your next business endeavor, or in your relationships, or in navigating changes, or in handling losses, or finding happiness in any of the other real-life experiences you will encounter after you throw your last pass.


Nor does it ensure that, if a business coach helps you become a wealthy tycoon, that you will also be fit, happy, fulfilled, or have amazing relationships. 


See, traditional life coaches look for a problem, Address the uncomfortable symptoms, then treat those by busying their clients with goal setting, prioritization, skill sets; I.e., more doing, doing, doing.


Yet, they never quite get at the root cause of what is causing so much difficulty, discomfort or unhappiness for you.  This is why so many hire coaches, and feel better for a short while; then revert back to old feelings and patterns when life throws the next curveball.


And life ALWAYS throws curveballs.


Your problem, is NOT in all the doing.  You’re already doing plenty.  In fact, you’re exhausted from the doing; because all that doing isn’t getting you anywhere. 


Nor is it really making you HAPPY.


However, when you finally learn and incorporate the proven thought and emotional processes and patterns of a CHAMPION, it simply doesn't matter what area or situation of life you apply them to, you WILL become successful at it. 


Your DOING comes from a different mindset.  Your outcomes change.


And you’ll be happy through it.


And, isn’t your HAPPINESS what lies at the foundation of everything you desire?


People do not become Amazing because of some great “accomplishment.”  


On the contrary, Amazing People accomplish Amazing Things.


And you already know why: 




So, we ask, why would you hire a “coach” to help you learn to DO something? 


Wouldn’t you rather BECOME the kind of amazing person who experiences happiness, personal satisfaction, and excellence in nearly EVERYTHING they “do?”


We can help you BE that person.


Dawn & Lucky

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